My Thomas Sabo Charms & Bracelet

Today I decided to share with you my recently updated, and certainly most favourite and sentimental arm candy. I've never been one for bracelets, but when John gave me with this beautiful Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet 2 years ago on Valentine's Day I was more than overwhelmed with happiness, but surprised too...

I was surprised because to me it was weird that John would have bought me this bracelet. I'd never told John or anyone about my little obsession with charm bracelets, nor ever written about how much I love them. But he knows me better than me sometimes so my face was lit up with happiness and excitement upon making this the first proper bracelet I'd worn since I was a tiny tot.
It's also a weird story why I like them so much. And yes, I AM going to share it with you. A while back about the age of 15/16 I watched a film, and for the life of me I cannot remember what it was called or even what the main storyline was about. But in this film (whether I dreamt it or it is a genuine film) I clicked with the sideline story in which the husband and wife had their own little tradition. In this film, he would go away on business to a different country and always come back with a charm to add to his wife's charm bracelet and she had lots of them. All with sentimental value. I don't know why but I just loved this idea, and since then thought to myself that I'd love a man who would do something that romantic. All I know is, I watched this film way back then and never told anyone about my little love for charm bracelets and how I wanted that tradition to be a reality for me. And If you happen to know what this film was, let me know. Because I really don't know...!
And what I love now, in this very present is that my little secret dream has pretty much come true! n'awww!

The Heart // When John first bought me the bracelet it came with the pretty heart. Being valentine's day and all that it made sense, and it marks the beginning of a memory filled bracelet.
The Silver Puppy // Second came my little silver puppy marking an inside joke about John one day buying me a dog for my birthday... Haha, funny one babe! The little silver pup's already had his adventures when I nearly lost him! He'd fallen off the bracelet a couple of times, and when I thought he was a goner my mum almost jet washed it from the garage floor... I still don't know how it got in there.
The Star // For Christmas 2014, John bought me the star charm as an extra present and broke our five present s limit rule to get it for me. The star means so so much to me, and represents the whole year basically. It's got a special place in my heart and I love it more than you can imagine.
The Koala // And to top it off, for our 4 year anniversary he surprised me with the cutest little Koala charm! It's a pretty hefty one to be honest, but he sits really well with my all silver themed charms. The Koala as an animal doesn't mean much to us, but marking our 4 year anniversary, it means a lot now. That said, it does remind me of our trip to Scotland where we saw our first Koalas at the Zoo there.

Whenever John asks me what I might want as a gift for an occasion, I'll only ever ask for another charm. It's all I ever want. I love adding to this bracelet and I love that it comes only once or twice a year, making it even more special. As I already mentioned, I'm not a bracelet kinda girl, but I love this piece of jewellery for all that it is! I can't stand taking it off now eiether, and you'll always see me wearing it. Nothing gets me to take it off... nothing but a chlorine filled hot tub.

I'm excited to see what I may possibly add to my beautiful bracelet this year... Tell me which charm is your favourite?

CAT xo
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