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A beauty post!? What-what? Yes, yes I thought with the new year I'd start doing all those beauty posts I keep meaning to do! And one of them being my everyday face make up! Recently I've been more into my neutral colours and going for a more glamorous natural make up look mainly because now I have the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette that John got me for Christmas! It's so beautiful and I can't help wanting to try out loads of different looks with it.
In this look I'm wearing Burnout, Nooner and Factory on my eyes and I think this is in the middle of a statement and more natural look, which is just right for me. I love that you can create so many different looks and combinations with this palette for a different make up look every time. Whether you want a more statement eye or a more natural look, it's the perfect Naked palette, especially if you're all for the rose gold like me!
I'm also going to have to buy another tube of the Urban Decay Eye Primer because I rediscovered my love for it after finding it in my Naked 3 Palette box! Honestly - best eye primer ever.

I'm loving a nude lip at the moment, and it's because this look suits the winter weather and because I've found a few nude lipstick in my collection that I'm really enjoying at the moment, just like this Bourjois Shine Edition in Beige Democrachic. But the great thing with this look is that I can always swap my nude lip look for something a little brighter and for any colour. I'm all for bright lipsticks when I'm in the right mood, so this look is more versatile when it comes to wearing a brighter lip which suits me perfectly!
Simple cheeks with a light blush and definitive contouring is right up my street too. I'm going to be big-headed here and say how I've always been told I've got good cheek bones, so I like to use them to my advantage and so contouring really brings them out. I love the Rimmel Natural Bronzer for this, but on days where I'm going out I'll use my Guerlain Terra Ora Contrast Highlighting Powder for contouring and highlighting.
This look is a pure favourite at the moment, and one I've been wearing since Christmas. For a girl who's all about the bright colours and statement eyes or lips, this is a change for me! But maybe I've just grown up a little since my birthday and I'm going for a more mature and glamorous look. It works well for me, and I'm sure I won't be swaying too far from this for a while! What make up look are you going for at the moment?

CAT xo
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