What Cat Wore | Navy Pastels

Jumper - Primark
Skirt - River Island
Faux Fur Gilet - Miss Selfridge
Boots - Timberland

This could potentially be the last time you'll be seeing me pose away in this spot, because in a couple of weeks it won't exist. Sometime this or next week I'll be having to move out and into my nan's house because the family is getting our house extended! Anything and everything will be getting done to our little house and for me personally the dreams of finally having my own bedroom is in sight for the very near future. I've shared a room for my whole life minus a couple of years between moving towns and my diddy sister being born, so this is all more than just exciting to me. And yes, I am saving to move out but I've never had some space to call my own, so I'll be enjoying that for a while as I save making it no rush to leave ASAP and share a room with a boy (think Monica in The One Where Chandler Moves In)! Expect an increase of homeware hauls and wishlists  coming soon! The main reason for saying this is because it's going to be increasingly difficult for me to actually take my outfit photos because I don't know where I'll do them... But I'm sure I'll find a spot and it'll be much prettier than this!

Onto the outfit... This skirt is just my favourite thing in my wardrobe right now. The crocodile print, the PU, the shape and the navy colour is just the greatest combination. Something I usually wouldn't pick up, but when I saw it online I had to have it, especially with a £5 birthday voucher - Thanks RI! I didn't expect to absolutely love it as much as I do, but yet it is here and making appearances in outfits every week - I still don't know why I haven't blogged them either. (Yes I do: #winterlightingproblems.) I wore it today with this lovely simple and super versatile jumper that I got for just £6 in Primark. So good I got it in Khaki too! The khaki one is amazing, but I loved this lilac one so much I had to get it too. And though I believe it's not my colour and it doesn't really suit me, it's one of my favourite colours and I'm still trying to make it work. Does it?
Just for a little texture to the outfit, I popped on my faux fur gilet and a simple pastel chain necklace for some neck detail, and lastly laced on my beautiful Timberland boots that literally go with everything. I've worn these boots every weekend without fail and I can't begin to tell you how amazing and comfy they are. Actually I can. But I'm going to save that for a  feature post all about them!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, it sucks that it's Monday tomorrow but I've still got the uber positive perspective for 2015 to give a damn about Mondays!

CAT xo
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