What Cat Wore: Bridesmaid's Dress

Me & My Family!
Dress - eBay
Shoes - New Look (old)
Bag - Queens

So today I thought I'd share with you the only outfit I think I got photos of whilst away....! Oops! I was too busy doing everything else I didn't take any photos of my outfits. But that's good because it meant I was too busy living life and enjoying myself :)
So as you can tell, this dress was worn for a special event, my aunt and uncle's 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary. I bought this beaut off of eBay for a reasonably cheap price! It was super long at the back meaning I had to wear high heels, but as if I wasn't going to anyway, either way I still kept stepping on my own dress... And I also found the bust to be reasonably roomy considering I thought I would have more than enough bust to fill it out! But other than that it was a lovely fit and I loved wearing it with the lace up back and the pretty dip hem!
On the day, there was of course, a wedding ceremony where they exchanged rings and made vows to each other. It was romantic, and amazing and funny at times. The priest said thank you to the happy couple for all they had done for the community, and for always putting themselves out for everyone else and being such amazing people too which I thought was a lovely thing to share on their day of celebration. Last minute I was lucky enough to become ring bearer, and be a part of my godmother's special day.
After the ceremony an entourage of family and friends filled a hall with tables and a small dancefloor (since there were so many people). We all had a big dinner followed by dessert and then dancing and kareoke! It was a lovely day and I loved seeing all my family in one place. At the end of the night, there was a small surprise for the bride and groom: a firework display set up by my uncle's brother which finished the evening off beautifully.

I hope my aunt and uncle had the best evening and I wish them another 25 years of happiness!


  1. Gorgeous photos, i love the colour of your dress. Congrats to your Aunt and Uncle! x