Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set

Recently in Boots they had the most amazing special offer going! Buy anything two items in the Real Techniques collection and get the cheapest half price. I've always wanted the starter sets for both eyes and face and with enough points on my Boots Advantage Card I was able to buy them both on the deal with my points! I saved myself £33 that day, and I pretty much got my Real Techniques Brushes for free!
I've been using these over a week now and I don't know how I was doing my make up before... Especially with the eye starter set.

The eye starter set comes with five brushes, all labelled so you know what each is designed for. From left to right on my images, we have: the Duluxe Crease Brush, Base Shadow Brush, Accent Brush, Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush, and last but not least the Brow Brush. Being totally honest I've not used the eyeliner brush yet, just because most of my eyeliners come with the wands already, but I may test it out with my L'Oreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner soon.

The brushes come in an easy to use case that doubles up as a stand so you can use your brushes easily to hand. I'm currently using the cases but may pop them into storage, as after a much needed make-up organising session I'll be popping them in my brush pot for easy everyday access.
I've already got my favourite brushes here. I'm particularly favourable of the crease brush and accent brush. I'm a fan of colourful eye-shadow designs, so I'm always creating either colour clashing eye designs or smoky coloured shadow designs, and the crease brush is great for contouring, adding the darker colour to the crease for a smoky definition. I also like using it to build up colour around the outer corners.
I love the accent brush for under the eyes, and adding darker or more vivid tones in places where needed. Under the eyes I always found difficult and attempted many times using a brow brush for this, but my new accent brush is small enough to create the effect I want without a problem.
As for the other brushes, I had a brow brush before, but this one seems to work a lot better for me, I usually use it for shadows being applied to the outer corners of my eyes. I love this one to fill the gaps in my eyebrows though. I don't usually fill in my brows as they're quite thick and dark anyway but I have a gap from a childhood scar that make them look ridiculously odd all the time, so this is perfect for making my brows a little more defined and even.
The base brush is as simple as, it adds a lovely even layer of a base colour. I like this for blending too as it's soft and fans out a little.

I really love these brushes, and I've had so much fun with them already. I feel like all my make-up looks since have looked so much better than they would have been, had I used my other brushes as per usual. I have the Model's Own starter set of brushes, and though I do still like them I prefer these, and am really getting into applying my make-up with brushes. I am still an amateur with brushes, but I'm quickly learning their benefits and properties, especially with face brushes more than eye ones, and for that I'm also going to review the face starter set too, which I love just as much as these. And just to show you, here's two looks I've created with the brushes since (you may have seen these already if you've got me on Instagram), the first being the most recent and the second image being the first look I created:

I did watch Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo's tutorial on using these brushes on the Real Techniques YouTube channel to help me learn how to use these brushes, and it's an amazing tutorial. I suggest if you buy these, or want to buy these, to watch this at some point because you really learn what these brushes are for and the many ways you can use them.

Have you got this starter set, and what do you think of them?
And do you recommend any other Real Techniques brushes in particular?


  1. I have some real techniques brushes that I recently won in a giveaway, woohoo! xx

    1. Aww well done! :D They're great aren't they!? x