A Day out at Brighton Pier

I've been a very busy Cat this last month or so. It's not often I get to do these What Cat Did posts, and I recently thought it would be nice to include the boyfriend's name in this post since he's a big part of my life and we do a lot together. I think it's a nice thing, and I think he likes it too :)
So on Saturday we ventured down to Brighton with his family. I'd never been out properly with his family, so it was a new experience for me and I got to get to know everyone and talk to everyone a lot more. I had such a good day, and so did John! It did rain a little bit towards the end and was really windy, but we didn't let anything stop us :)

When we arrived we all headed down to the stony beach and had a little sit down. We'd just had an hour long journey from London, so chilling was in order! We enjoyed the fact that we'd finally arrived, and a couple of us walked down to the sea for the view. There was a small wave that had reached a lot further than the other waves, and got so close to our feet, we almost got all our shoes wet. Typically, I got caught and had a slight wet foot, but it dried quickly due to the strong winds I'd like to believe!

After a while, we all ventured on to the pier where we walked the length, and entered the arcade to play games, 10p machines and attempt to win teddies. There was a lot of 10p machine love, I think I enjoy them a lot more than I do the games, there's one especially. A Pac-Man one, where the coins drop down and when falling through a coloured fruit trigger the video game in the centre and add coins to your game!
We all also got frustrated with a little grab machine who wouldn't give out. The entire family tried to grab this little minion a little too many times! And once getting frustrated we left and started becoming irrational when it came to winners. Closer to the end of our trip, John's dad walked up with a minion to hand and gave it to me. I was like a child when I saw it with wide eyes thinking "omg how!?" and thanked him lots for winning it!
John's brother had also won a Sweep from Sooty & Sweep that was pretty cute. SO at least a couple of us had got something for all our efforts!

After having been on the pier, we started looking for a place to eat and found a fish and chip shop opposite the beach area we had been sat at and we all had line caught cod and chips. It was really nice food, and lovely to have everyone sitting down for a meal enjoying the company, the view and the entertaining seagulls who'd decided to bin dive for dinner!
After that a trip to the lanes to find the favoured fudge shop for fudge of course, and visit Choccywoccydoodah. We found the fudge shop where all three brother's had stocked up on their favourite types of fudge, and I had bought a sugar mouse. I don't often like to buy fudge, because I won't eat the lot since it is well too sickly for me. I find this weird though, because my sweet tooth is almost beyond compare! I think I'd just rather have my fudge IN my desserts rather than alone. After that we found Choccywoccydoodah not too far away, and they had a beautiful display of The Wizard of Oz themed cakes! It was a little hard to take pictures of the cakes with the shop window glare, but I managed a few and upon entering I found the place crowded with people amazed by the sights, as was I! I loved it all, the chocolate, the art, the sweets! I was going to buy something but I couldn't justify £9.99 for even just a devil shaped chocolate lolly or a bag of chocolate drops which was a couple of the most popular and cheapest items available.

After visiting the lanes, and doing all the things we had wanted, we went back to the pier for a little while as it had started raining quite a bit. We enjoyed a few more arcade games, sat down for more tea but eventually headed back to the cars to go home, all feeling worn out and ready to sleep!
I was so happy to have been invited and to have gone out with everyone. I had the loveliest time and lots of fun, and I hope everyone else did too!

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