What Cat Wore: Ombré Blue

Jumper - Warehouse
Jeans - Primark
Plimsoles - Keds (same, different colours linked)
Bag - Nica @ Bagable.co.uk
Earrings - Love From Misbehave

So first of all I'd like to say my outfit photos flopped. For some reason my usual spot for taking blog photos wasn't being particularly nice and I'd only noticed later on that all the photos looked like I'd used flash and the blue in my jumper or even the detail wasn't showing up. So I alternatively used the photos taken through the day plus the only decent one from the original outfit photos for this post! #bloggerproblems
I wore this lovely simple outfit to Brighton on Saturday with the boyfriend and his family. I didn't want to over dress, because I knew the weather wasn't going to be the best and I wanted to be comfortable too! I opted for a jumper and jeans, wearing my comfy Primark skinnys and my newest bargain jumper from the Warehouse sale, for the best comfy day-out outfit! I bought the jumper in a size bigger as I love them a little bigger but not too much, so I like just going one size up in Warehouse. It was so comfy, and lightweight and along with my comfiest jeans I was happy and ready for anything we could have possibly done in Brighton! I had such a lovely time out in Brighton with the boyfriend and his family. I love going to the coast, and I take any chance to spend time with my boyfriend, and to spend time with his family was a first so it was an experience and a happy memorable one too.

I've written a whole blog post about the day too! It will be live tomorrow if you'd love a read! :)

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