Pet Supermarket Doggy Yums Review

Dolly is my little Jack Russell Chiuahuah cross (we think!). She's a feisty pint sized dog, who is extremely excited by guests and people coming home, and irritated by the postman and the paper boy. Also my little Dolly is a fussy pup. She likes the same food that she's had for a long time and is not keen on any change at all, so personally I felt I may have pushed the boat out here when the lovely people at Pet Supermarket asked me if Dolly would like to review some doggy foods for them! Of course, I accepted as it is something a little different and also an attempt on broadening the fussy pup's range of doggy food choices!
Pet Supermarket sent Dolly three different doggy foods to try and these were the three sent in cute little boxed packages which I thought were very good for easy storage and to keep freshness. The three foods she got to try were:

James Wellbeloved Dog Adult Duck *
Royal Canin Medium Adult *
Hills Science Plan Canine Adult Light with Chicken *

To get all scientific with this, because of course. Little Dolly can't talk, I decided that for a few days (about 3 to be exact), I would feed her the food, and if she didn't want to eat it, then I knew she didn't like it. I did swap out for her normal food each time she wouldn't, but with all of them she tried them, but never enjoyed them as much as she would her normal food.
In order of dog-like, she didn't touch the James WellBeloved Dog Adult in the Duck flavour. She'd walk away from the bow every time looking for her normal food. I don't know why, as the pieces look exactly the same as her other food so I thought she would at least try it!
She tried the Royal Canin Medium Adult a few times, but where the pieces are a little bit bigger, I think she had a hard time trying to eat it, and ended up disagreeing with it and giving up, as she's still quite a small dog, even though she's meant to be a medium one!
Overall her favourite was this one:

Hills Science Plan Canine Adult Light in a Chicken flavour. I had a feeling she'd like this the most, as she's a huge chicken lover! She ate this every time it went in her bowl, and fussy pup didn't turn her head half as often as she did with the other two. I think she still struggled with the big pieces, but she still ate quite a bit, becoming fussier (as always) towards the end and deciding that it wasn't the same and walking over to where her normal dog food would be, as if to say. This one please. Still, she had more attention to this one, making it a winner for me, as I could potentially have an alternative to Dolly's usual!

Pet Supermarket are a perfect website for all your pet needs. They do almost everything, and have such an easy and user-friendly website, making your shopping clear cut! They always have a good offer going on and stock a huge range of brands for a huge range of pets! It's worth a visit if you have a pet friend! :)

Also, just a little gift! A discount code for you girls to use if you decide to shop Pet Supermarket for your pet friend this month whether it be, a dog, a bunny, bird or lizard! The list goes on... Enjoy!

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