Papergang Unboxing | March 2020

Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well and staying safe during this difficult time. Over the last week or so, I've been doing my best to self-isolate when possible, especially since I'm still going to work and will be until they close schools. Nevertheless, I'm trying to make the most of this extra time at home and thought I'd catch up on some blogging as well as rebuilding a skincare routine, clearing out my wardrobe (again) and doing things I'm always saying I don't have time for.
But today, I'm unboxing this month's Papergang box which has been designed by print designer, Jennifer Bourbon.

A Papergangbox closed on a white wood floor.

Inside The March Papergang Box...

An overview of the contents of the March 2020 Papergang box.
As mentioned, Jennifer Bourbon is responsible for the gorgeous pattern that is all over this month's pieces. Reading her interview about the box, she loves creating shapes, repeating patterns and focuses on a very small colour palette that I'm here for. I love the neutral tones and injection of pinks and navy in her work and I also love how simple but effective it is. This collection is really pleasing to the eye and makes me want to start doodling patterns too.

Ballpoint Pen & Sticky Notes

Beige sticky notes with geometric shapes and black writing on with a pink eggshell pen sitting on top.
A stack of beige sticky notes with geometric shapes around the edge.

The first two things in the box this month are these sticky notes which have a faint pink grid pattern all over it as well as some of Jennifer's beautiful illustrations on the top corner. We have 100 sticky notes here which will last me quite a while. I use sticky notes all the time and I like these especially because they're wider and I'm more of a fan of the rectangular sticky note as opposed to shaped or squared ones.

We also received this gorgeous pink eggshell pen which writes beautifully in black gel ink. I prefer gel ink as opposed to regular biro pens because I feel like it looks neater and bolder. This pen has found a permanent place in my pencil case and I've been reaching for it often over the last couple of weeks.

Wiro Lined Notebook

A mustard spiral bound notebook.
A spiral bound notebook with beige lined pages and geometric shapes around the edges.
This is the second time we receive a spiral-bound notebook in the Papergang boxes and I'm so excited about it. This time, the notebook is simply lined which makes it much more versatile for everyday use. I love a good lined notebook and recently, I gravitate more to spiral-bound notebooks as they're easier to use without bending pages and ruining the book completely. On top of that, the pattern and colour of the notebook inside match the outer cover perfectly with the patterns following through each page and neutral coloured pages instead of classic white which is a nice change for a notebook.

Blank Calendar Card

A blank month calendar card with geometric shapes all over
I've got a fantastic collection of these blank monthly cards now and I'm really looking forward to putting together a desk calendar craft together with these. I'm yet to do it though because I've seen lots of other great ways to use these instead that I'm considering. I really like this month's design because it'll work for any month of the year whereas some themed ones can only be used for some months.

Cotton Geometric Tote Bag

A nude tote bag with a geometric design and stationery showing out the top of the bag
The most exciting thing to come out of this month's box has got to be this tote bag. I've heard that Papergang has done tote bags in the past but this is the first one that I've received. I absolutely adore the design on this and I use tote bags all the time so they come in really handy. Since getting this bag, I've used it so many times and has now become my 'shopping-for-essentials' shopping bag.

A notebook, pen and sticky notes sticking out of a geometric printed tote bag.

I really liked this month's box and I think the design is so pretty and one that I feel a lot of people will really like too because it's such a versatile design. I love Jennifer Bourbon's work and I can't wait to check out her Instagram, follow her and see what else she's up to at the moment.

I've also just seen a sneak peek of April's box and there are multiple designs!? I'm confused but I like it. I think I'd like to see a pencil case in a box soon as well as some more brush pens and things like that. I really like writing tools... OH! And maybe a little storage tin or something for my USB sticks and SD cards... I need a little something to put them in because they're currently loose in a tray in one of my desk drawers! What would you like to see in a future Papergang box?

As I always, you can always subscribe to Papergang to get these boxes yourself and enjoy the fun of getting stationery in the post every month. If you want to help a girl out, you can always subscribe through my referral code so that I have a chance of getting a free box every now and then. I've also reviewed Ohh Deer's newest quarterly box, The Artful Box, which is an arty box for those who like to create. The post is live now if you'd like to check it out.

Stay safe and try to enjoy some of the free time you have at home. Try to make the best out of a bad situation...

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