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AD - gifted

It's no secret that I love a good candle and a beautifully scented home is amongst many of my favourite things, but very recently, I've discovered and started using wax melts thanks to Charlotte from Crafty As They Come. She sells a beautiful range of 'individually hand-poured and finished soy wax candles and wax melts' which are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. I absolutely love finding out that a brand or business is cruelty-free as it's something that I find is extremely important in a brand, so I was so excited to hear that she wanted to send me some of her wax melts to try out for myself. Never having tried wax melts, I didn't know what my experience would be like, but I was really keen to find out what they'd be like. 

Three wax melts bars stacked.

Before sending me some of the wax melts, Charlotte kindly asked me what sort of scents I liked and at the moment, I like a wide range of scents. I mostly like fresh, florals and sweet scents at the moment and so I was pleased to see something that ticked each one of those boxes in the post: Cherry Bakewell, Fresh Linen and Rose & Rhubarb.

Three wax melts bar in a cardboard box

The wax melts come individually wrapped like bars of chocolate and look absolutely beautiful. I have them in a glass jar on the side at the moment and they look aesthetically pleasing stored like that out on show. A little bit like a basket of lush bath bombs - but wax melts! When I first opened the box, I was overwhelmed by the scent of the three bars and my instant thought was, "if they smell this good without being melted, what are they like when they're being burned?"

Rose & Rhubarb Wax Melt

A white Rose & Rhubarb scented wax melt bar.
 Of the three bars so far, Rose & Rhubarb is mine and John's favourite. John reckons it smells like fruit salad sweets but I don't know where he's got that from. All I know is that it smells floral and when I burned it over the weekend, it filled the house with this gorgeous floral and fruity scent that I cannot get over. I used two squares and it lasted a really long time. In fact, as I write this, I have the scent burning and it's easily one of the best scents I've had in the house ever.

Fresh Linen Wax Melt

A blue and sparkly Fresh Linen scented wax melt bar.
I'll be honest, I'm still yet to melt one of these Fresh Linen squares but that's only because since receiving these I've only been able to burn through my first two squares of Cherry Bakewell and Rose & Rhubarb! If the scent of the other two bars are anything to go by, then this one will smell just like clothes out of the washing machine. I love the scent of fresh linen and the bar smells and looks gorgeous.

Cherry Bakewell Wax Melt

A red and orange Cherry Bakewell scented wax melt bar.
Last, but most definitely not least, the Cherry Bakewell scent is so unbelievably accurate. It smells like I've been baking them all day. The scent of cherry and almond filled the downstairs of my house and my first thoughts were: "Wow, this smells amazing" and "I fancy Cherry Bakewells now." When John and I first started going out, we used to debate over which sweet treats were our favourites and a joint love of Cherry Bakewells was something that bonded us together and became one of our "things" so I this scent also brings happy memories.

Cherry Bakewell scented wax melt bar snapped into a wax melt burner.
Red and orange wax melt melting in a wax melt burner.

Burning time, scent and overall thoughts...

I've had a good week or so to really appreciate these wax melts and I can't lie: I love them so much. I'm most definitely hooked onto wax melts and will be buying some more very very soon. I'm really keen on getting the Chocolate Orange, Apple Strudel & Spice and Fresh Baked Bread wax melts as well as some of the other scents.

At just £2.50 per bar, I feel like these bars are very affordable. I've only used a total of four squares and still have to much left so I'm impressed with how long they've lasted. Keep in mind you need to have a good stash of tealight candles too. I bought about 25 for £1 the other day in The Range. I also know that soy wax lasts a lot longer than most other waxes like paraffin and is 100% biodegradable while paraffin wax is not. Two other benefits to this affordable and beautifully scented wax melts! 

As for the scent, it lasts a really long time and even after you've stopped burning it, you can still smell the scent through the air which is really encouraging. I've found the scent lasts for a good 2-3 days and then after that, it's worth changing the wax. And because the wax is biodegradable, I don't feel so bad throwing it away. 

A white wax melt burner with a red and orange wax melt melting on top

Gifted or not, I absolutely love these wax melts and I really do recommend them! It's not often I rave about something and if you follow me on Instagram, you'll see I've been talking about this quite a bit recently in my stories. Not only are they beautifully scented, they look great and are super affordable. You'd also be supporting a British independent business and helping them make their mark in the world!

If you could choose only one scent out of all Crafty As They Come's scents. Which one would it be? I'd probably have to go with Rose & Rhubarb. It's just so good.

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