Five Favourites - February 2020

Another month, another five favourites! This month I've had lots of great things to choose from for my favourites. This month I tried out a lot of makeup, I bought a fab new dress for my bestie's hen weekend and I've been enjoying some things that just make life easier and cosier! The best thing about favourites is that it can be something new or something old. Here are my favourites for February.

Beauty | Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Waterproof Mascara 

[PR - gifted] When I got surprise post the other day I was super excited to find out it was from Soap & Glory, a cruelty-free brand that I've loved for a very long time. Though I've always loved them, I hadn't tried much of their makeup and so when they sent me their newest waterproof mascara, I was excited to try it. It's now replaced my day-to-day mascara because I love it so much. It's really pigmented, thick and makes me look like I have more lashes than I actually do have.

Fashion | The Last-Minute Purple Dress

For the hen weekend, I went to a couple of weeks ago, I had a little mishap. The only thing I had to buy for the weekend was a purple dress for a night out and I bought the most horrendous one on eBay that was so sheer and ill-fitting that I had to find an alternative last minute. I ended up finding a beaut of a dress on ASOS and now it's my new favourite 'fancy' dress. Not only is the material gorgeous, but it's also a great fit and I don't need shapewear underneath it. It's definitely a permanent staple to the occasion wear section of my wardrobe.

Entertainment | The Good Place

I cannot believe that The Good Place is finished but it was coming to a natural end after Season 4. It was a show that couldn't be padded out. I'm so happy with the way it ended and if they did pad it out, I think it would have lost a lot of what it was all about. I started to watch The Good Place last year on Netflix and I've loved watching every single episode. It was so funny, pulled at the heartstrings and I loved the storyline because it's so different to the usual thing. If you haven't watched it, it's one to find on Netflix and binge! I just wish there was a way that it could've lasted longer.

Gaming & Gadgets | Amazon Echo Dot

Alexa has been so helpful to me this month. She has answered so many questions, told me to have a good day, warned me about the weather and told me when my Amazon orders were going to arrive. I've really been enjoying my Echo Dot and I love finding new things to ask Alexa to do for me as well as asking her to turn the TV on when I'm feeling too lazy to get the remote. I'm planning to buy a Philips Bridge next so that I can use my Philips Smart Bulbs soon too and ask Alexa to turn the lights off! It's the little lazy things isn't it?

Misc | Soft Blanket Scented Yankee Candle

I'd been raving about this candle on Instagram about a week ago and it's because it smells so unbelievably amazing. It's like freshly washed clothing, cotton and fresh air all mixed into one. I love it. Everyone has a scent that they would buy over and over and I think I found mine.

What's on your favourites list for February?

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