September '17

Welcome to my new way of documenting my months. Just snapshots of life that I've taken over the months - not in the Instagram format I have stuck with for years. I've become adaptable to change and so I've pulled out of my usual ways and I'm starting something "new" (for me). In September I've been to London more times than I expected to go, I've seen friends, I started my new job officially and I ate a ton of food out. I've really enjoyed myself and it's been much busier than I expected. A lot has happened and this is probably going to be one of my wordiest monthly posts in a while!

As I mentioned before (and probably a thousand times before this post), I started my job this month officially so I've been settling in and really enjoying it. I can't explain how nice it is to have a job that makes you feel good and happy at the end of the day, gives you a whole lot of satisfaction and love Mondays. YEP. I love Mondays. I've loved the first 4 weeks on the job and I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life.

September has bought walking to new places. There's a beautiful place around where I live that has the loveliest views. It's one of those public walkways and it's got a huge hill that I dread walking up, but each week I've managed to get better at walking up it. It's still a pain to walk up, especially on a wet day like today, but it's a good one to get the heart going. I've been running a lot more too. My runs consist of a 5km around a route I set myself on an app called New Route which I use to help me figure out which routes are going to be which lengths! (#NotAnAd)

Mid month it was my mum's birthday and so we went to one of our favourite pubs for a Sunday roast. I went for the beef because it came with Yorkshire pudding and it was delicious. This is one of those places that serve up a lot of food on their plates. I'm craving a roast like this right now actually. For dessert I went with a top favourite - creme brulee. The only thing wrong with it, was that it was cold. I know it can be served cold, but I prefer mine hot.

As well as eating good pub food, I ate some good chocolate too after attending the Red Letter Days luxury chocolate workshop event in London. It was so much fun and instead of rambling on all about it, I'm going to send you over to this post where you can read all about it!

In the same week, I had the opportunity to not only see my best friend but go with her to review a restaurant in London. (Post to come.) Ana was kind enough to invite me along to review Cigala, a Spanish restaurant near Russell Square. It was located in the loveliest road, in a quiet part of London and we sat next to the window eating some of the nicest foods! I enjoyed myself quite a bit... Can you tell?

We ate chorizo, paella, drank bottled coke and talked for a good two hours. It was also the first time Ana and I had gone out for food together too. It was really lovely and I'd go there with her again any time!

Being so busy socially and with work, hasn't left me much time at home or to spend doing things for myself but I did find a spot of time to get started on my bullet journal (which I will be finishing today) and set up October. I've got a autumnal leaves theme going for this month and it's looking quite good actually. This is just a preview of the first page, but I've changed things up a lot for October and I can't wait to share it with you.

As lovely as September was, October is bringing a lot of fun stuff to look forward to and random things too. I'm looking forward to: a wedding in 2 weeks, the caravan holiday John and I have booked, wearing jumpers again, buying a ton of really nice new tights, reviewing another place with Ana, attending some blogging events and turning on the radiators again because it's getting cold again. I'm not really into Halloween anymore so it's not something I'm looking forward too and neither am I looking forward to seeing Pumpkin Spice Latte flavoured everything everywhere either. Am I the only one not into it? I hope not!

October is going to be a good one. Thanks for being so awesome too September. You've started my academic year brilliantly!


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  1. Such a lovely view, so great that it's so close to home!

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