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It's not often I post these many outfits in a row and even more rare to post an outfit I haven't worn out yet too! But today I'm breaking all the rules to keep the 3 Tobi outfit posts together as a series! Today I have this beautiful look that I'm actually wearing this weekend to the Distant Worlds concert at The Royal Albert Hall. I've been to this concert twice before and it's always amazing. It's been 5 years since the last one so we're glad it's back in London and John said that this time we're going to dress up to go. Cue the pretty long formal dress...

Dress* - Tobi / Shoes - New Look (old)
Clutch Bag - I don't know but it's from when I went to prom!

I was so excited for this dress to arrive. I was not only excited by the pretty colour that I now realise resembles my prom/bridesmaid dress from almost 10 years ago, but I was excited by the style too because it's so different to what I'd normally go for. It was a risky decision because I knew if it didn't look right, I'd have a tough time wearing it but in fact, I put it on an instantly felt elegant, comfortable and confident in it! No regrets here.

Just as in my previous two posts, this dress is from US brand Tobi. Out of all three dresses, this is the one I'm most impressed with because it looks just as it is online, it's made well (with adequate support and shaping in the right places and a good slip) and its the perfect fit. Just like the other two dresses, I picked this up in a Medium. I tried this on last and after trying on the jumper dresses began to worry this wouldn't fit but in fact, this is the perfect size and I can't wait to wear it out this Saturday.

On Saturday, I plan styling this dress up with a piece that takes me back to 2008 when I had prom!  I've had this bag for 9 years and it was actually my prom bag... Omg... That was so long ago now! I still love it today and I keep it because it's a special piece but it hardly goes with anything in my wardrobe. When looking for a bag to go with this dress, I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it before and how well they look together. It's a match made.

I'll keep it simple with jewellery. I was to wear my favourite silver rings and my classic Thomas Sabo bracelet but I might jazz it up with a statement necklace in silver too. The one I wanted to pair this with broke the other day so I was gutted. It gives me an excuse to shop for a new one though!

I thought about shoes that would go with this dress for a long time and decided that it's probably time I invested in a pair of nude heels because I don't and have never owned a pair. Crazy right? Well, for now I'll be going with this silver kitten heels that I've always loved for formal events. They're simple, easy to walk in and very comfortable. I used to hate a pointed shoe but with the split in the dress giving you a little more room to walk and for a little added elegance, I think the pointed shoe is the best choice. Anything else looked weird and safe, but this looks elegant and classy! We are going to the Royal Albert Hall so I do want to look my best.

I really cant wait to wear this outfit out this weekend. I'm excited to doll myself up and enjoy a fancy evening out. These are rarities for me and John so we're very excited. We're also excited about the concert. You might have noticed the little Chocobo character on the window in these pictures. He's been purposely placed there because Distant Worlds is a symphony concert showcasing music from the infamous video game series Final Fantasy. He's a favourite character that runs through all the games and I really enjoy the music surrounding him. I love listening to the Chocobo Medley! If you're a fan of the game, you'll know all about this creature and the beautiful music but if you don't, I recommend looking into the music at least. It's very beautiful.

So what do you think of the dress? Would you style it in a different way? I'd love to read some of your recommendations or thoughts in the comments below!


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