Bullet Journal | October Set Up

October. We're half way through and I'm only just posting this. I am so sorry but there are some things that have just had to come first. But either way, here I am today sharing with you my second month into my bullet journal. For October, I really wanted to do an autumnal theme and after some Pinterest inspiration and learning curves from September, I decided on a very warm toned theme with autumnal leaves and quotes.


Last month, I noticed that I probably had too much room for my monthly overview calendar and actually, I didn't need so much. I also wanted to experiment with a new and completely different layout and so ended up with this one here. I like the small monthly calendar and how simple it is with the colour coded dots. It means I can organise my activities and important dates into their colour coded categories to make life easier to organise.
This also gave my enough room for a tracker (which I haven't been using very well so far) and some different sections, like my monthly goals and a cute quote. I'm yet to find something that works to keep track of my blog stats in a nice way from month to month over my monthly overview but I thought this looked okay. I use it to help inform my blog tracker at the back of my journal.


As well as different monthly overviews, I decided on a different weekly overview too to experiment with something new and right now, I really like this layout. I like the one-pager for the entire week, the space to plan along side it and the space for fun and random notes like the grateful section and the brain dump. That said, I think I need more space for each day, but I could also use the space better too. I did squash Saturday and Sunday into a weekend box that I might need to expand for November.

As you can see, I made a couple of mistakes this month but I'm still learning and I like seeing my progress and how I deal with these things. I'm desperate not to rip any pages out. I wrote the wrong date in the week above and so had to tipex it all away and start again but the pens I used didn't write well on top of it so I need to be more careful next time. I tried to keep the theme running throughout the weeks but I ended up going a little off course adding pumpkins and conkers instead of keeping to leaves. I do like it though and think it's different to what I've seen previously. I definitely feel like I put my own spin on it.

I didn't add any other pages this month because actually, I didn't have any ideas or need any extras. I'd love to have a couple of ideas for things I could add at the end of November so if you have any, please leave them in the comments!

Next month I've got my theme ready and I'm very excited for it. I have stickers to use for next month and so things will be a bit different. I also bought some new pens to use in my bullet journal, three of which I used to colour October in. They are the Zebra Mild Liners which are recommended by a bunch of Bullet Journal YouTubers. You can buy them here on Amazon but they do take almost a month to get to you since they come from Japan. I really like them personally and alongside my Uni Pin Fine Liners, I think they work well together to create bold looks. I've also just bought a book about Modern Lettering to improve my calligraphy and also two of the Tombow Fudenosuke hard brush pens to mock calligraphy easier without a proper calligraphy pen and ink. I think next month's pages are going to be pretty awesome.

Clue word for next month's theme is: magical.

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