What Cat Wore | Florals and Khaki

I'm going to do my usual thing and apologise for my absence but it's been a busy week, but that good busy you know? Love weeks like that, where you feel like you've had a productive one you know. I'm also going to apologise for the weird colouring in my outfit photos... I did everything to correct it but I just couldn't get my head around it. ANYWAY. Today I'm sharing this outfit I wore last weekend for date night. I brought together a couple of finds from my wardrobe that I'd almost forgotten about and put them together to create this look.

Top - New Look / Jeans* - Quiz Clothing / Boots* - LOTD.co.uk

Khaki is a colour I love going for at the moment. I think it suits my olive skin tone, my dark hair and it's a colour I quite enjoy. I've got a lot of khaki things actually and this top was the latest addition thanks to my mum. She originally bought it for herself, but after trying it on it didn't fit her very well - she's a lot smaller than me so the front was too low so she passed it on to me. I love a good blouse and this is one of those good blouses. The only thing that bothers me is the cross wrap front. Even with the choker style band across the top, I feel the front is just a tad too revealing which is why you might be able to spot a safety pin holding it a little more together at the front until I find a way of stitching it together inconspicuously.

My jeans were a gift from Quiz Clothing when I attended their event earlier on this year with Ana. I got to wear these and one of their gorgeous tops to the launch of their #LostInSummer collection. And although I love these jeans and the embroidery design the fit isn't exactly perfect. The jeans are a bit baggy at the top so I don't like the way it looks. It seems that I might have the wrong size but I'd needed to size up in all my jeans so I didn't expect to have to with these too. They do fit, just a little too loosely for skinny jeans you know? Either way, with the right belt they stay where they need to be and work well with anything khaki or pink for a pretty autumnal-summer transitional outfit. I'd love to add the right cardigan or layer to this but right now, I don't have that. Maybe a nice leather jacket. i actually wonder where my fringed one is...

I really enjoyed this outfit when I wore it last weekend. If I'm being honest with myself, it's been a while since I really enjoyed clothes for a variety of reasons. This is one of the few outfits I've worn recently that has made me feel pretty and confident in the last year or so. The colours, floral print and the overall style pleases me and makes me feel like me again, so I'll definitely be wearing this again very soon.


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