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It's been a while since my last blog post and to be honest, life's been so busy that I haven't had the time to and I'm not even sorry for the first time ever. Over the last few weeks I've gone through some of the biggest weeks at work and I've had the loveliest and most relaxing holiday with John. May has been very good to me and I think it's finally time I tell you about it.

So right at the beginning of May John and I booked a week in Kos. We got the best deal and so everything I've done has led up to holidaying and enjoying the sunshine. Earlier on in the month, I went on a couple of long awaited shopping trips and I splurged on new tees and a new pair of jeans. I also ended up getting a new bikini later on and a couple of extra holiday shorts and shoes to join us on the trip.
The weather in the UK has been pretty beautiful so I've been thoroughly enjoying that too. I love a beautiful sunny day and even more so when it's at the weekend when it can be enjoyed to it's fullest! We did get a couple of gloomy days but those are expected - it is England after all!

As well as shopping and getting ready for holidays, I've had some pretty busy times at work and at home. I've had a million emails to reply to for both work and blog and I've been preparing to be ready for when I'm back from holiday. I was back into work after landing the evening before at half past 1... Either way, I prepared myself so I wouldn't have to worry about missed out work the week before.
Packing was the best, I loved packing and is my favourite pre-holiday task! I pack twice by packing everything I need and then unpacking it to put it all in properly. I wrote all about this in my previous post on how I get ready for a summer holiday.

The best week of May was the last one. We flew out to Kos on the 28th May and left home with a limited amount of time and traffic on the M25. We managed to check in with 10 minutes to spare and I seriously can't believe we did it sometimes thinking back. Never again will I leave it that late to leave! We arrived at Kos quite late but the next morning at the hotel we knew we were in paradise for a week. I literally had the best time ever but I'm leaving all that information for another post all about our adventure.

This month is going to be and already has been the busiest and best month in the whole year. No word of a lie. This June I will: have returned from the best holiday, have attended a brand event, have worked with some great brands, graduated from college/uni and celebrated all these amazing things. I'm so excited and I can't believe the time is finally here for all these things that I have been waiting for. If I'm not blogging much in the next four weeks, you will know why. I just hope you can bear with me a little while longer whilst things calm down. For the moment, I'm riding this rollercoaster and loving it!
 I hope June treats you well too! And thank you for being such patient and loyal readers. I really do appreciate you. 7 years blogging post coming up next.... 


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