What Cat Wore | Custom Floral Swimsuit

I can't believe it's almost been a month since my holiday to Kos. It was beautiful, relaxing and overall the most perfect holiday! This year, I got my very first fashion swimsuit for my holiday and by fashion swimsuit, I mean one that isn't sports branded and solely for swimming workouts! I've always wanted a stylish swimsuit for my holiday and struggled to find the right one for me, so when Contrado asked me if I'd like to review a custom swimsuit whilst on holiday, I happily agreed!

Contrado is a brand I hadn't ever really heard of before but upon visiting their website, I was intrigued and impressed. The website is for the creative and individual souls on the internet. The ones who love to create and the ones who love custom creations. On Contrado you can create some pretty awesome custom pieces of clothing from hats and swimwear to leggings and dresses using prints from the website, from artists or your very own creations. Just remember the copyright rules. You don't want to get in trouble with anyone for stealing their designs without permission!

I had envisioned something floral but also something stripy for my own swimsuit. I couldn't think what it would look like and I didn't really have the time to design it so my idea was to look on Etsy through some amazing prints. After some digging I finally found one I loved - this one on the swimsuit to be exact! I checked the terms of use upon purchasing the digital print just to be sure I wouldn't be breaching any copyright issues and then bought it! This is the Etsy store I bought the design from.

I wore this swimsuit a couple of times on holiday and I have to say, I was very impressed with the delivery and print time, print quality and the overall quality of the swimsuit in general. I couldn't fault anything and I was really happy about this! It fit well and the swimsuit was printed exactly as it was designed. It wore well in the salty water of the beach and kept it's quality condition.
What I wanted this swimsuit to be was not only a piece I could wear at the beach or by the pool but something that would look good with just a pair of shorts over to make it look more like a bodysuit, which I think it does well! Even the price is pretty reasonable bearing in mind its custom and made to order from £28.
I really loved this swimsuit and I think next time I go on holiday, I might order my next bikini from here since they do strapless swimsuits, bikinis and bandeau swimwear along the classic swimsuit design. They also cater to different bust sizes which of course is a win for me! Buying a cute design from an Etsy seller for this also made me feel good as I felt like I was supporting an independent artist as well as making something no one else is probably going to have!
I would totally recommend Contrado for your custom clothing needs. If the custom swimsuits are looking this good, I can imagine all their other pieces would be amazing too. I think I'll be looking at getting some custom leggings next!
Have you ever heard of Contrado before?
Would you buy a custom swimsuit from here for your holiday?



  1. I've never heard of costume swimwear before but I love the idea - it sounds perfect for me. I really like the pattern you've chosen too <3

    G is for Gingers xx

  2. I know, it's very different but very good! :D I love it and it's lovely to support people on Etsy by buying their patterns too! And you can get pretty much exactly what you want that way xx