Our Holiday To Psalidi, Kos

 About a week and a half ago I returned from what I think might have been my most relaxing holiday ever. John and I took a beautiful trip to Kos this year for our summer holiday and it couldn't have been more perfect. We relaxed, we soaked up the sun and we ate to our heart's content. Though it wasn't a super eventful holiday in terms of things done and exploring, it was amazing for so many other reasons. So I want to share a few of my favourite holiday snaps and tell you a little bit about our holiday to Psalidi in Kos.

So John and I stayed in a hotel called the Oceanis Beach Hotel in a small town called Psalidi just 5km from Kos Town. It was an all inclusive resort with it's own private beach and it's where we stayed 90% of our time away simply because it was so big and so beautiful and so relaxing. When we got there we thought we were going to get lost so one of the very first things we did the next morning (we arrived at night) was to explore the grounds and see what the hotel had to offer. There was a lot.

We spent most of our time sitting on sunbeds in the grass right by the beach. You could hear the waves, there was a pretty view of Turkey across the water and being on the grass meant less sand problems! It was such a peaceful atmosphere and our favourite place most days. John read a book or played a game whilst I worked on cross word puzzles or fell asleep in the sunshine. Honestly, after the busy year we've had, this was well and truly deserved and we were as lazy and relaxed as we could possibly be the whole time.

Though I did say we stayed in the hotel a lot, we took one excursion out to the island of Nisyros which lasted a whole day. It was so beautiful there and a brilliant excursion to go on but I'm leaving that all for one of my next posts. We wanted to see the volcano on the island, which is why we went, but also to explore where we were a little bit more. Less exploring than usual, but one day was more than enough for us. The coach took us to the town of Kardamena on the other side of Kos so we roamed through it a little bit before heading to the boat. It was pretty and I think if we return, we'd like to come visit it properly.

Thinking back to the hotel, the grounds were beautiful. We had so many gardens to look at, and so many places to sit and relax. Whether you were at the beach bar, near one of the two pools or on the beach you always had somewhere to sit. The views were stunning and with a bunch of activities to get up to there was no chance of getting bored. We even tried our hand at tennis on the courts! There was an outdoor gym as well as an indoor gym which we attended and the usual games like pool, ping pong and darts. But my favourite place to be was always the beach or by the beach bar.
The nights were fun too with entertainment every night. A fashion show led me to buy a beautiful jumpsuit and we enjoyed lots of music alongside our unlimited cocktails!

Our room was so pretty too and the lovely maids always had the coolest towel art left on the bed for you when you returned. Everyday was different and somehow linked to what was for dinner or the entertainment. Sometimes it was just random and cute. I loved the elephant best!

Just this weekend I was talking to John about the holiday and how much I miss being away. Being in the middle of the busiest and most important year for me and him having not had time off for months, it was so relaxing and so well deserved. We really needed it and we both thought it was definitely a place we'd return to. Same town, same hotel, same everything! It was that lovely. The staff were amazing and I'm definitely giving them a brilliant review on TripAdvisor after this. It's not often John and I want to go back somewhere. I mean, I want to go back to Zante but I'm worried it won't be the same since it was the holiday that established our relationship. But this holiday was so lovely that we're confident it'd be just as lovely as before.

We've been to three Greek islands now and out of Kos, Santorini and Zante, I'd recommend Kos the most though my heart is still with Zante since it meant so much to me. I think the time of year we went to Santorini meant it wasn't our best but it is still beautiful and probably best for exploring and photogenic views. Kos has something special about it and if you want to pick a Greek island to visit. It is really lovely!

I'd love to hop to another island in the future too as well as returning to Kos. What island do you think me and John should go to next?



  1. Kos looks really beautiful - maybe next year I'll make it to one of the greek islands <3

    G is for Gingers xx

    1. It is very beautiful! Praying that all the people are okay at the moment <3