#LostInSummer with Quiz Clothing

So a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the #LostinSummer event launching Quiz Clothing's newest summer range. I love summer style. I love the clothes, the shoes, the colours and its what I feel most comfortable in so I was really looking forward to seeing what was in store - literally!

To start off with, I decided to take my lovely Ana with me to the event as my plus one and we got there SO late. I had to drive and it took me so long to get there that I thought we weren't going to make it! There were so many people in the store already and it was looking lovely with lots going on. There was some nibbles in one corner, a cocktail bar, a photo booth and a braid bar too which Ana and I headed straight to when we'd grabbed a cocktail.

 The ladies at the braid bar were awesome. I was so amazed by their skill and all the plaits they had braided into everyone's hair! I had on down one side and I loved it so much I kept it in for about 5 days before it was too loose to keep in much longer. Ana has the same braid done. Always matching us two... Haha!

Though quite a social event with lots of bloggers, Ana and I were really interested in looking at the clothes and the new trends. I loved this jumpsuit Ana is holding in the photo above and saw a friend wearing it recently. The colours are really complimentary and not too bright for summer if you're looking for something bold but not too out there.
I'm currently looking for a graduation dress too so this was a great opportunity to window shop for something new I could wear to my graduation. With such lovely occasion dresses and so many options, there is a lot on my list and I love this beautiful floral coral, green and white number on the left at the front of the racking in the photo above. 
 I LOVE Quiz's shoes and I now have two bright statement pairs and I really want to add some more into my collection. Quiz's shoes are beautiful, bold and so comfortable too. I wore a pair of their denim heels to the event and actually they were pretty comfortable. I hadn't worn heels in such a long time so I took them off when I left but overall, so comfortable and pretty!

 The lemon and blue trend above was probably my favourite overall with gorgeous yellow dresses and denim with white detailing. It was so pretty and the shirts in this collection are my absolute favourites. I need it all!

Ana and I had a lot of fun at the event and even took some photos in the photo booth to add to our collections of event photos. We couldn't quite workout the timings so we looked caught mid pose for two of three photos! Oh and as for cocktails, we were enjoying Peach Bellini's!

Overall it was a lovely event and I loved having a look at all their trends and what is in at the moment. It's been a while since I'd paid much attention to current trends but I'm liking where it is at the moment! This red colour way was beautiful and a favourite amongst the bloggers. I really loved the red based dresses and am probably considering something from this collection for my graduation dress.

I'd like to thank Quiz Clothing for having me at the event too! I really enjoyed myself and felt very inspired after I left! I think I might have my passion for fashion coming back to me.

Let me know what your favourite piece is that you've spotted in the photographs!



  1. The blue lace top looks so beautiful! I definitely need to go on their website or go to my local store. Loved their clothes for years! My prom dress was from there too! Looked like a fab event!

    Isobel x

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    1. Ohhh yeah I really love that one. Proper cute!
      I need to do a shop when I'm finally earning and I can't wait to spend some money here! xx