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I love a little bit of jewellery and for me especially, I love silver jewellery the most. I've gone from being a solid lover of gold to being head over heels for silver. I was lucky enough to receive a pretty little package from last week with a bunch of gorgeous silver jewellery and I really, really, really want to share it all with you!

Style | - Dinosaur Necklace Worn
Style | - Brontosaurus Necklace Close Up

First of all - I'm too excited to leave this until last but how cute is this Brontosaurus Necklace!? I first heard of sometime last year and met some of the team at the Bloggers Festival in September and that is where I first fell for this cute dinosaur necklace I spotted in their beautifully displayed stall. This pretty, fun yet simple dinosaur necklace is made of sterling silver so immediately shouts out quality. On first impressions, I just loved it and the dark detailing around the legs and the face just give it that little extra detailing too which I was impressed by. And if a Brontosaurus is not for you they've got a whole collection of dinosaur necklaces I'm seriously thinking about collecting... I'd love the T-Rex next.

Style | - Roman Leaf Ring and Band Midi Ring

Next in my little mini JewelleryBox haul is the two pretty rings on my fore finger. When I received the box I had no idea what was inside so I was really excited to see what they'd picked out. It's like they already know me though because I opened up the box to find this gorgeous sterling silver simple 2mm Band Midi Ring and Laurel Leaf Roman Ring in the overlapping style that I love! Now - on the website they are both listed as toe rings, but I don't really like toe rings so I just kept them as regular rings and I think it works just as well! Especially sitting next to my other two silver rings in similar styles. They are also adjustable so don't worry if it doesn't fit right away, you can adjust it to your size. I love that all my rings match now too!

Style | - Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Style | - Freshwater Pearl Bracelet Worn

Last but very not least, I received this gorgeous sterling silver Bracelet with a Freshwater Pearl. I've never been a fan of bracelets for some reason and I tend to stick to my Thomas Sabo one alone, but I've been wearing this constantly the last few days and I love how cute and dainty it looks on my wrist sitting next to my watch or simply alone. Normally bracelets annoy me, due to weightiness and too much movement but this one is the right size for me being light and dainty on the wrist, so it actually doesn't bother me at all! have some beautiful pieces that I've adored for a really long time. Seeing and experiencing the quality first hand, I'm really impressed with the quality and how pretty the pieces look that I'm already looking for my next piece of jewellery from there! They're exactly as they look on the website and if you love pretty, high quality jewellery made from quality materials, this will be your new go to place. As they say on their website, they are real jewellery at costume jewellery prices without a doubt, and the prices you're paying for real gold and silver you'll be silly to pass it by!

Have you visited the website yet? What's your favourite piece from the brand?



  1. Ahhh everything is so pretty! I especially love the dino necklace, how cute and quirky! The pearl bracelet is just gorgeous too :D loving your photos! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. I've seen a few posts lately about but I have to say yours is my favorite by far!! So in love with the dinosaur necklace and the freshwater pearl bracelet!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  3. Love those rings! So cute :)

    Edye | Http://