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If you didn't know, I wear prescription glasses for distance. I quite like wearing glasses and love getting myself a nice pair of colourful or statement glasses when it's time to visit the eye doctor. Recently, I actually ended up buying a pair of frames online from Firmoo* and I'd love to tell you a little bit about the new addition to my glasses collection...

So a couple of weeks ago, Firmoo contacted me asking me if I'd like to try a pair of their glasses. As I mentioned before, I quite like wearing glasses so I was very happy to give one of their pairs a go and was quite excited about it! If you follow me on Snapchat (which you should by the way) you may have seen my first impressions snaps already on my shopping experience and the glasses themselves, but just fyi it's looking good.

First of all, there is SO much choice when picking out the perfect pair of glasses. Second of all, they give you so much information about the frames you're buying that you can't possibly go wrong in terms of shape, colour and size! And if you need a prescription like me, just make sure you have your prescription details handy so you can ensure perfect vision when they arrive!

It took me a while to pick out the perfect frames, but with a little help from the boyfriend I'd picked these clear white frames with the purple arms. I'm really into this sheer white colour because it's not too opaque but not too transparent either. I was worried about being so bold they wouldn't suit me and knew these would be a good middle ground. I also love the shape of these glasses which are similar to my Converse ones, but a little bigger. I was worried I'd look silly in them when I tried them on at first, but they really didn't and instantly loved them! The arms are a great contrast too adding a little pop of colour to the frames. What's nice is that these frames are quite versatile and would probably work with almost any outfit. Perfect all rounder frames!

Apart from the colour and the shape, I love acrylic frames and find them a lot more comfortable than metal ones. I do like the classier styles in the metal frames and I did contemplate a pair, but I can't help it... I love acrylic for ease and strength too. The quality of these glasses is spot on and though I didn't want to be surprised by that fact, I was! Though these are thin, they are durable and I haven't had any problems so far.

I want to mention the buying process a little bit too, as it was so painless and easy! Once I'd picked my frames, I headed on to the next section where I got to enter my prescription and then pick if I needed any lense, tinting or coating extras. Reaching the end of the checkout, I had that "is that it?" feeling and when they arrived a few days later, I was pleasantly surprised at the fast overseas delivery and quality of my frames and lenses. The prescription was perfect and the frames were exactly as on the website! What more could I have asked for?

As for price, the website is by default in dollars but you can change it to Euros or Great British Pounds as needed. These lenses were only £17.30 and with postage they came to just under £30 which is crazy when you think about how much we sometimes pay for our frames here in the UK! They sometimes have some great deals too that could make your frames work out a lot cheaper or allow you to pick more than one if you're stuck for choice. For me, that is 110% within my budget for glasses too, and so much more affordable than any of the glasses I've ever bought before. I'm so glad I know all about Firmoo now. I've found my new place for glasses and I think I'll be buying my next pair of sunglasses from here too ♥

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