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Mirrored sunglasses are my weakness this summer. I have a cool pair of rainbow mirrored aviators I've been wearing a lot, but recently added to my sunglasses collection are these gorgeous statement sunnies called Orange Heat from! I love a great pair of sunglasses and these are right up my street with the mirrored lenses and cat eye shape.

What's not to love about these sunglasses? Orange mirrored lenses, gold 'brow' styled statement hardware and a cool cat eye shape. I can't help but love a big pair of sunglasses that's a little out of the box, which these to me definitely are! When I was looking on the website, I was stuck between the three colours in this shape. One had blue mirrored lenses called Magician and another with purple lenses called Purple Rain. But seeing these orange mirrored lenses I was intrigued by the colour and thought it would be a little different to the usual go to for me. I've definitely been having a lot of fun wearing these and found out they look amazing with a bright red lip for a true hot summer look!

Orange Heat Sunglasses * - Cheapass Sunglasses

I can't forget to mention the shape of these glasses! Being oversized of course, make these a great pair of statement sunglasses already, but that gold 'brow' shaped hardware really adds something extra to these sunnies. I absolutely love the pointed ends and how they mimic the brow shape too. It's nothing I've ever really had before in a pair of sunnies and maybe yes, I was playing it a little safe with my sunglass options before, but had I known how cool and fun they were I would have gone for something like this before.

As for they're use as sunglasses, they really do help in the sun! They have 100% UV protection and I haven't found myself squinted in the sun wearing these once. It's been an especially hot weekend, so it's been lovely having these for these super sunny days!

What's better is the price of these sunglasses, and all the sunglasses on! The website is in euros, but for just one pair of sunglasses (they're all priced at €8.65), you'd be paying only £8.65 for the sunglasses AND shipping! They ship worldwide and with their wide selection of sunglasses, you'd be very tempted to buy more than one, especially since they have a two for €16 deal and a €6 per pair after that. I myself am contemplating buying the styles: Flashback, Ice Ice Baby and Cleopatra Silver because they are so unique and fun! Have you ever bought Cheapass Sunglasses before? I would recommend trying them out sometime!


  1. Oh my gosh. These sunglasses are so awesome. I love how fun & unique they are. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. Love those sunglasses on you! Super cute :)

    Edye | Http://

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