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The River Island sale is sale I just cannot miss and when I felt like I had first dibs when I visited the store on a lunch break. It was the first day in the sale and I didn't actually take to that many things... There were a couple of bottoms I was really into but it seems my size was all gone in them. I'll be trying for them online though. That said, I am always totally into their slogan tees and vests - they're the only brand who still do great slogan tees in my eyes! I  really love the shape of this vest and the fabric is lovely. The print is nice and simple too though I never liked city themed tees, I'm slowly growing to like them now. It's so comfortable and wears so easily with leggings, jeans or maybe even on it's own it's so long! The perfect vest for an easy, cool summer outfit!

As you can maybe tell I cut my hair again too. I realised I never blogged about my plunge to cut my hair short a few months ago but I did and it's something I'm going to maintain for a while which is new for me! Usually I want to change it up as often as I can - I'm easily bored, but not this time! I went in with a couple of photos of what I wanted this time and they really did me proud. I'm so happy with my new style and can't get over how much I love it. Would you like me to write about my new hair and inspirations? I think it would make a good post... I might just do it anyway! My inspiration was Lucy Hale (Aria in Pretty Little Liars). I absolutely love her short hair at the moment and went in with a couple of photos of her... I actually tweeted Lucy saying thanks for the inspiration and she tweeted me back!!! (I KNOW, OMG) Yes it was only an emoji, but I totally fan-girled hard that she not only saw my tweet but took the time to tweet me back. She's not only my favourite actress at the moment, but she has a beautiful voice, amazing style and ofc her hair is always on point. I'm still in shock... and it's still creating countless notifications on my twitter feed with all the favourites and retweets! Crazy huh? Have you ever got a celebrity tweet? This is my first one!

What I'm Wearing
Vest - River Island
Leggings - Miss Selfridge
Shoes * - George @ Asda
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