My New Hair

So, I cut my hair! Again.
Hair isn't something I've ever talked about on my blog before, but it's really important to me. I'm always trying to change it up or do something fresh and new and this time, I really wanted to talk about my style inspirations, styling and why I cut it to such a new style!

So why did I cut it? This is probably the shortest I've ever had it and I absolutely love it. I actually cut it to this length back in March, but let it grow out almost back to the length I had it before and then realised how much I loved my short length and cut it back last week! It's a style I'm going to maintain I love it so much. I cut it because I was getting really bored of the same thing. Yeah with long hair you can tie it up in a bun, and all sorts of plaits but I've been doing that most of my life. I really wanted something fresh, new and find a style that really suits me. And I think this is it! I wasn't scared to do it too, because it's only hair and it'll always grow back. I've had my hairdressing experience from hell already, but I didn't let it make me lose my trust in hairdressers... It made me realise I need to invest in my hairdresser and go somewhere good!

And that's when I found Hob Salon in Radlett! The guys over there are awesome, and I love their service. It's always really busy in there and I knew I'd be back after my first visit. My hairdresser was called Dominic and a total perfectionist, and I could see it. He did such a great job helping me choose a style based on my inspiration images I took in and my face shape and then explaining exactly what he was doing with my hair at all times. I was so happy with the results, I booked my next appointment already for 8 weeks time.

My inspiration? I wanted a short bob, but something I could mess up for that beach hair look. I took the photos below as my inspiration and we went for the ones on the right. I really loved Lucy Hale's hair (top right), and so based it more on that one image. What's cool is that when I randomly tweeted Lucy Hale thanks for the inspiration she actually tweeted me back and I went all fan-girl because I proper love here thanks to Pretty Little Liars and her awesome album. Here's the proof! I know it's only an emoji but it made my day!

How will I style it? As I mentioned, I wanted that messy beach hair look so I bought a couple of products to help me maintain that as well as a couple for a straighter sleek bob. I bought the L'Oreal Studio Line Go Create Spritz and Hot Straight Cream, and I've also got the Aussie Beach Waves Spray. I've you've got any suggestions of products I could try, I'd be grateful!
I've already styled it many ways, and one of my new favourites is to do a tiny plait round one side of my head for a bolder look. Small plaits look pretty cool with this style and what also works is pinning it back messily for a really cool and smart up-do. I haven't got any pictures to follow, but you can always check out my selfies on Instagram :P

I absolutely love my new hair, and I feel like it fits in with my new path. I haven't mentioned it before but I got a new job as a Teaching Assistant in a school which I'm so happy to start in September! I'm finally getting back to aiming for what I always wanted to do with my life and it feels good to start my new career off with a new haircut! I think next time I'm going to add some subtle colour, so there might be a new post in 8 weeks! What do you think?

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