My Little Road Trip

July's My Little Box is here and this month it's about Road Trips. If you read my What Cat Did posts, you know me and the boyfriend love a good road trip and is probably the main reason why we stay in the UK for holidays. Because we get to drive to around the country visiting new places. This year we're going to Portugal in October to see some of my family and discover Lisbon, and this box has a lot that I'll need to have a super organised time and I'm looking forward to using it!

The first thing in this box is my most favourite and will be my most useful. When it comes travelling and keeping things together I usually have a specific pocket to put things in, because if not I'll begin to panic the minute I can't find something. It's ridiculous, I do it every time without fail! Even if it's right where I put it. This lovely thing will not only keep my things together, but my passport, credit card, money and tickets all together saving me from taking everything with me and using space. It's pretty too isn't it!?  

Next we have this cute little notebook and pen (with handy stylus for your iPad/tablet) to note down all your little adventures no matter how small. For me it'll be my favourite moments away, like when I meet my new baby cousin, my favourite moments in the day, the places I've been and lyrics from songs that will remind me of the time away. You can then seal it and send it to whoever you'd like! I think I'd send it to myself just before I leave, because I'd want to re-read this and keep it in a scrapbook! Wouldn't that be lovely? Then you know it had it's own little adventure coming back home to you.

This month's products are all spot on! I absolutely adore the things in this little bag. I'm excited to try the temporary foil tattoos as I've always wanted to. I love the size and the designs - especially the sea waves because they're my favourite thing to doodle!

I've tried the Garnier Micellar Water, so I know this is a great product though I still prefer Bioderma's Micellar Water. It's a great size for travelling though so I'll be saving it for my trip to Portugal!
The Essie polish is a gorgeous colour and with my new obsession for Essie Polishes this is a great addition. I wore this colour on my nails already and it reminds me of the sea and the sky in summer. It's that beautiful bright blue with a teal tint... Perfect for the summer.
Lastly we have My Little Box's own brand and this month they provided the perfect product to apply after you've been out in the sun! It's a sorbet cooling gel and it smells divine! It definitely cools you down quickly and you don't need to apply so much as spreads and applies well with little product. Something I'll be taking to Portugal too in case of a late year heat-wave!

I actually really love this box! I don't know yet if it is my favourite, but I definitely love this box!
Just for fun, what do you love most about road trips? I love going early in the morning and listening to Kisstory or the radio's music rewind hours, re-discovering old music and singing along!

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