What Cat Wore | Tile Print Wide Leg

Oh my. Aren't these trousers just amazing?
The other day, I decided to take a little wander into Topshop as I hadn't gone in let alone browsed online for a really long time, and I ended up going in and coming out with these beauts. I'm really into wide leg trousers this season and I just had to have these. Not only do they look great but they fit well too and are perfect for the summer when you don't want your legs out. And they can go from having a real festival vibe to looking really smart! I have two pairs already but I want more in different prints!

I actually really wanted to buy a pair of these beautiful Japanese printed culottes when I went in, but the fit was so weird that I couldn't justify the tightness or the looseness between a 10 and 12. I'm literally either a 9 or an 11 these days and they're not even real sizes. Come on. What's that about? Retailers need to stop making the sizes too small and weird. I find that either the boobs don't fit or my hips don't. It really doesn't make anyone feel good and I'm seeing it becoming a common problem at the moment. Sort it out shops. Pllllease!
I'm not the only one seeing this am I? Let me know what your thoughts are on fits at the moment!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! It's raining and it sucks but, at least its the weekend! Whoop whoop! ♥

What I'm Wearing:
Tile Print Wide Leg Trousers - Topshop
Latino Suntop - Topshop
Shoulder Bag - Primark
Lace Up Wedges - Primark

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