My Little French Riviera Box

This month's box is finally here and it's a good'un! I love the ocean, the coast and anything to do with the beach so this box was right up my street to ready me for the summer. The French Riviera Box is a mixed one this time, so I was excited when I saw what was inside...!

The theme of the box this month was created by Sarah Lavoine, a French designer giving us an array of beautiful things in pretty greys, teals and white. This box shouts out sun, sea and summer - it's my favourite time of year so this box has already reached into my top favourite My Little Boxes.

Firstly I opened up this little box and discovered the best new pair of sunglasses to add to my collection! They're so simple, and the colour is just gorgeous. Along with that, it's a shape I didn't think I'd like until I put them on and saw how good they looked on! I can't wait to wear them out in the sun and style them out with a super chic beach look!

I was a little confused when I saw these... I didn't know what I'd do with them until I read the packaging that it came in and I have all sorts of ideas. The little one will be the base of a cactus/succulent of some sort to add some life to my soon new room and the big one I'm going to use to store skin care products in my bathroom! The designs on them are so cute and versatile for so many things. They'd be lovely on a desk with some pens inside, or to keep nail polish... So many storage possibilities!

Last of all, we reach the beauty products, two of which I've already used and love! The nail polish is such a pretty colour, and I'm wearing it on my nails now. The colour is a lovely bright pop and it applies perfectly opaque which is the biggest thing I look for in my nail polishes!
Secondly I've also already tried the Salt Scrub by My Little Beauty. It comes out this amazing teal blue colour and feels so amazing on the skin with a fresh and salty beach scent that I can't get enough of already. I love a good scrub...
Last and not least I have a new hair care product to try and here we have the Kerastase Resurfacing Strengthening Milk. It's a leave in treatment applied to damaged hair pre-blow dry. If I'm honest my hair is actually in pretty good condition at the moment, but since I am using a lot of heat in my hair at the moment this would be a great product to try to keep my hair in that good condition it's in. I'll be sure to update this post with my thoughts about it soon!

Overall I am absolutely loving this month's box. I mean sunglasses, little plant pot baskets or storage baskets if you like and some great beauty products! I adore this box and with the use I've got out of it already it's a new favourite. I'm also loving the little poster card... I think it's one to frame when I finally move back home and give my room a little personality!

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And if you already are what did you think of this month's box?


  1. What a cute little box! I think it's worth it for the sunnies alone, they're gorgeous!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  2. I totally agree with the comment above, those sunnies are stunning! I'd subscribe just for them!

    Courtney |