A Couple of Days Away to Southampton & Winchester

A few days away and a whole week off with this guy has really paid off! I feel so refreshed and relaxed and I still have a whole weekend to enjoy.

Normally I'd take lots of photos of the places we've been, things we've done and things we've seen but I've started to really appreciate the moments more than the photos I get to keep afterwards. I didn't take anything worth sharing if I'm honest but I am going to write about what I did and if you're someone who likes to read things like this I hope you enjoy this post!

Me and John didn't book anything for our week off until Saturday just gone. A last minute deal led us to book two nights at the Norton Park Q Hotel in Sutton Scotney which is a tiny little town just off of Winchester. It was a lovely hotel right up our street, and we were just so happy to be away somewhere relaxing and super quiet. We got there Monday afternoon and decided to visit the hotel's gym and pool before getting ready for dinner at the hotel restaurant. The hotel retsuarant was pretty nice. I tried crème brulee for dessert and the very first time that day and fell for it instantly. I know I'll be ordering it for dessert all the time now.

Our second day down south was spent in the Portsmouth historical dockyards. We're secretly history and culture geeks so we really enjoyed walking around the HMS Warrior, HMS Victory and visiting the museums in the docks. The HMS Warrior was by far our favourite, and we had a lot of fun in the Action Stations which was basically an interactive zone. We played games, shot virtual guns, flew a helicopter simulator, but best of all we did the climbing wall which I'd never done before. Adrenaline kicked in, and I got a little scared close to the top because I didn't trust the rope... And I tried to race John up to the top so I lost my breath quickly! I was just proud of myself for doing it, especially in cowboy boots - haha!

We got to the docks pretty early in the morning, so when we'd finished all the attractions and were on our way back, we decided to detour through Southampton! It was a last minute at the junction decision, but we did it because we still had lots of time to spare. We ended up at the local shopping centre where we ended up buying doughnuts at Krispy Kreme and I bought an adults colouring book! (Yes, it's a real thing that'd supposed to help with daily stress.)

For dinner that night we headed into the town and found a really lovely local pub called The Coach & Horses. It was really nice and quiet and we had a couple of drinks before we ate. The food there was just amazing! I ate bangers and mash whilst John had a hunter's chicken and chips. It was proper pub food, and it was so big I couldn't eat it all! A place I'd definitely recommend if you stay in Sutton Scotney or Winchester.

Our last day was spent in the heart of Winchester. There seemed to be a food festival going on which smelt devine, and I wanted to eat everything! We walked up and down the main high street for a bit and visited a few shops before walking back and buying yet another doughnut from one of the food stalls. We then decided to stop off at a cafe called Chococo which specialises - in yes, chocolate! I really wanted to try a hot chocolate but it was way too hot outside for that, so we ended up both getting a lovely pot of tea and shared a millionaire's shortbread. It was so lovely, I wish we had one closer to go to, but I'm glad I took a visit before we drove back home.

Overall I had the loveliest and most relaxing time down south with John. We really needed a little getaway and it was just lovely to go out and not take any photos and think about anything to do with work, or blogging or any of the life things going on at the moment! The weather wasn't great either, but that didn't stop us having a really good time. It's just a shame weeks off go so quickly! But it just means it was a really good time, doesn't it? ♥

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