My Little Provence Box

Sorry I'm a little late getting this up, but better late than never! May's My Little Box was Provence themed. If you don't know Provence is a region in France, and quite beautiful. After looking it up, it's definitely a place I need to check of my travel bucket list! It looks so full of beauty and culture, and seems the perfect holiday destination for a relaxing time away full of stunning views and floral landscapes! So if this sounds your cup of tea, carry on reading to find out what was inside this month's Provence themed box...

This month we have another fold out magazine. I'm not sure I like these as much as they are a little difficult to read. I loved the wide range of content of the book version and also cutting out the recipes from those ones to try later on. I also liked having something more like a book to read, as I feel this is more like a leaflet? It does fold out into a lovely Provence themed poster, but not one I would put up anywhere.
I do although like these little dress up magnets! I was thinking of getting a magnet board for my new bedroom, and this would work perfectly as a playful way to hold up notes, pictures and all sorts on my board. I could dress my little Provence girl up differently everyday. I also think this character's hair looks kinda like mine so I can relate! 

Also this month, I received this beautiful DIY gold stitched cuff bracelet. It came with two lengths of light and dark blue string to decorate the cuff with, and being that the string is so thick it was easy to thread through without use of a needle. The best thing about it, is that though there are so many other people that have received this box - everyone will design their cuff bracelet differently so not many will be the same! What do you think of mine?
It's also really comfortable to wear. I usually hate cuff bracelets but this one is really easy and fit's my wrist really well. A piece of jewellery I'll be wearing lots more this summer!

In terms of the beauty side of this box, we were spoilt this month with a whole pouch filled with L'Occitane minis perfect to take away on holiday and also an eye shadow crayon from My Little Box's own brand.
The L'Occitane minis are quite lovely! I'm really excited to try the Mer & Mistral Shower Gel because the smell is so lovely and fresh! I'm really enjoying fresh scents at the moment, so it's right up my street. I also love the smell of the Soap with Verbena Leaves and can't wait to try that.
I know that I like the hand and nail cream as it's one I've tried before in the past, so it's great to have a mini to pop in my bag. And as for the body lotion, I'm not a real fan of body lotions because I don't use them as much as I should and I'm not too fond of the smell of this one. I don't think I'll use it that much, but I will give it a try. If not, I can always give it to my mum, she likes body lotions!
Last but not least, the eye shadow crayon is a beautiful colour! I'm really into natural make up shades at the moment, and I adore this brown, metallic shimmering colour. When I tested it, I found it applied on really nicely and it smudged really well if you wanted to create a nice metallic smoky eye. I'm really excited about this one, and might even do a make up look with it to post on here soon! :)

In reflection, I'm not in love with this box. I do really love the cuff bracelet and the magnets will be useful, but I've not enjoyed it as much as past boxes. It's not to say that this box isn't a good one! - It's not top in my favourite My Little Boxes. Now I get to look forward to seeing what next month's theme will be ♥ Only a couple of weeks to wait! 

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