What Cat Wore: Bambi on Christmas Day

Bambi Christmas Jumper - Primark (Gift)
Textured Tube Trousers - Miss Selfridge
Grey Boots - New Look
Check Coat - Miss Selfridge
Red Fur Stole - TU @ Sainsburys

Ah Christmas Day this year was spot on. I got to wear my Bambi Jumper, I got lots of lovely presents and got to give lots of lovely presents too. Expect a Christmas Haul very soon... At my house we had a really nice chilled out time, we played Just Dance 15, rode electric scooters, ate the traditionally huge Christmas dinner and then monged out for the rest of the evening! If I am happiest about anything from Christmas Day is that everyone genuinely loved their presents from me; it makes me smile to know I did a good job.
So John and I exchanged Christmas jumpers a day early in order to be able to wear them on Christmas Day and he bought me this really cute light up Christmas Bambi jumper! I love it, and the lights around his neck are so bright! It's like a disco ball in the dark... It's pretty impressive, but now my only predicament is how to wash it... Oops!
I wore it simply with my favourite black tube trousers from Miss Selfridge. These trousers/leggings never fail me and they're as flattering as ever! I love them ♥ And then I wore it with a cheeky pair of Christmas socks and my new boots from New Look. I got these when my red ones fell apart - I was gutted and really annoyed about it because I really loved them and they didn't have my size, so I settled for a grey pair which I'm loving more and more each time I wear them!
I did pop out so I wore my check coat on with a red fur stole my mum gave to me to jazz it up! I wish there was a way to keep them in place though... If you have any tips, please leave them in the comments!
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas too! Let me know what your favourite gift was... I got an amazing pair of Timberland boots! ♥ expect to see them A LOT.

CAT xo
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