Feathers In My Hair

I'm the sort of girl who likes to change her hair up every 5 minutes! I'm really missing my red hair after having a little throwback moment on Instagram and I think I'd like to see a myself rocking a decent brunette to lilac ombre as well as possibly having a dark purple under layer! I've been playing with the idea of purple hair for a long time but I can't pluck up the courage just yet... Maybe in the new year. That said I did try the dark purple under layer and after trying and failing I decided it might just be better to have some temporary colour fix, even if it was just a couple of extensions, and after a little pinspiration, I ended up buying some coloured feathers to put in my hair!

It's so 'Boho 2011' but tbh I don't really care, I love them and they feed my need for colour in my hair! I've got some purple and I've got some blue and it'll do for now! I've installed the feathers with micro beads and like the way I've layered them in first time! They did take a little fuss putting them in solo, but after a YouTube tutorial or two I knew it wouldn't be too much trouble!
These are real rooster feathers and the blue and purple are the only dyed feathers. These can be curled, straightened and washed and they could probably last around 3-6 months in my hair! I was desperate for a little colour in my life, so I bought a pack of 10 from a little online shop called One Fine Day Fashions. The colour mix is called Midnight Naturals and is a mix of browns, white, blue and purple. I think if I get more I'd like to get some more blues and try pinks for a more vivid look! I'm not going to lie, I'm still desperate for an awesome purple under layer or lilac ombre but I'm adoring hair feathers for now! It's new to me and it feels fresh and different - just what I needed! Love it.
What do you think of my new hair feathers?  Would you have them?
CAT xo
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