Olivia Burton | Midi Dial Mink & Rose Gold

Olivia Burton | Midi Dial Mink & Rose Gold

I've never been much of a watch girl. I have my Casio mini watch and also a white jelly watch for when I want to change it up a bit, but I've never had a proper high quality branded watch. I've always wanted one I could really enjoy, needed to look after and that pushed all the right buttons; It would have to have style, simplicity and be the right colour so that it would sit well with any given outfit. And when I first saw an Olivia Burton watch, I just knew it had to be one of those. Olivia Burton subtly mixes modern style with vintage which is right up my street, and I spent ages looking through them all for the perfect one that would do all I wanted it to and added it to my Birthday/Christmas wishlist.
I was so lucky to have got this as a birthday present this year from my amazing boyfriend, and he'd even gone to all the trouble of finding it in the colour I wanted too - and I say trouble because it's actually sold out on most stocking websites at the moment so I don't know how he would have found it! The mink leather strap is nice and simple sitting harmoniously with the rose gold dial and I love the simple face with the Roman numerals. It's simple, light, sleek and just utterly beautiful. I love it and I don't ever want to take it off!

CAT xo
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