IN.FUSED | Cocoa Body Scrub [VEGAN]

IN.FUSED Cocoa Body Scrub *

If the word 'VEGAN' in the title caught your attention then this is definitely for you. I know there are a bunch of bloggers who are vegan, or at least vegetarian and always looking for the most natural of beauty and skin care products. Personally, I am not a vegan nor a vegetarian but the idea of an all natural sugar scrub was very appealing so I was happy when IN.FUSED contacted me about trying out one of their body scrubs!

IN.FUSED claim to do a lot of things with their body scrubs: detoxify, exfoliate and cleanse firstly and secondly the Cocoa one which I recieved claims to target skin affected by: psoriasis, eczema and stretch marks.
All the scrubs' primary ingedient is powdered coffee, brown sugar and almond oil and to top the cocoa scrub off... cocoa of course. The great thing about the website is that they list every ingredient they use on the product's pages so you know what you're buying into 100%! They also have a super handy FAQ page for all your questions.

SO - The Review! When I first opened the packaging the smell was just amazing. I adore the smell of coffee so this is perfect if you're a sleepy head like me first thing in the morning! There's also that lovely chocolatey aroma which mixed with the coffee reminds me of a mocha. After checking the FAQs I was pleasently surprised to find out this scrub can be used on both your body and face! So I did a full all over body scrub!
The body scrub mainly consist of coffee, and it does feel strange putting coffee all over your body for the first time but you can really feel it exfloiating the skin. It smells amazing on the skin and can still smell after getting out of your bath/shower. Brownie points for me there. I didn't want to review this on solely one use of the scrub so I gave it a couple of goes to see how my skin felt over time and actually I've notice my skin feeling softer, cleaner and fresher! It's really worked wonders and I honestly thought I wasn't going to tell a difference.
At £15.99 - £18.99 for a 200g pack I feel it's a little on the pricey side, especially with Lush doing vegetarian body scrubs at around £14 for 50g more. That said, this is a Vegan product giving it a uniqie-ness, but is it really worth the extra pounds? I figured out a full 200g pack would last about 5-6 weeks with once or twice a week uses judging by how long my 100g sample pack will last. But maybe I'm being a little cheap here, I'm not sure - what do you think?

To sum it up: I lovveee this product and I've had a great experience with it after just one week!
It works well, it's great for those looking for something super natural in their skin care and it does what it says on the packaging for me! I'm just a little iffy on the price, but that's because I do like a bargain!

Have you tried the IN.FUSED body scrubs yet? If not which scent would you go for? 
I think I'd go for the Vanilla one next time! 

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