What Cat Wore: Monkey Emojis

Emoji Tee - Primark
Bomber Jacket - Papaya @ Matalan (via #VCSwapShop14) 
Leggings - Miss Selfridge
Boots - Miss Selfridge

Please don't judge or even look at my awfully outdated bedroom spot, I just had to post this outfit and it was absolutely pouring outside and my usual inside spot was in use for arts and crafts... Boo. I'm glad although that by the summer time I will have a wonderful new bedroom that I'd be happy to take photos in and enjoy having in the background of future photographs. On top of that I'll enjoy finally having my own space for once in a veeeery long time complete with my own decorating... Ahh.... *day dreams*

So this tee is just the best. I adore the monkey covering his mouth and usually use it as a giggle emoji rather than a 'speak no evil' emoji! I have an inside joke with the boyfriend about what emoji we are, and this one his mine because it's most like me and used so frequently. His is the just hatched chick... Don't ask why because it's the longest story!
Anyway - I wore this tee with both my red tartan leggings and these monochrome ones recently. It's such a soft tee and easy to wear. I can't help it when I walk into Primark and find yet another t-shirt with a cool print I can't resist. I must have the most ridiculous collection of t-shirts in the world.
Another animal tee to my wardrobe zoo!

CAT xo
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  1. I have that t-shirt too, and love it so much!! It's so cute :')

    Love the tartan.