M&Co SS15 Preview

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to attend the M&Co SS15 Preview in London. It's made me so excited for the Spring/Summer season and well aware of the styles and prints in for the up and coming season.
I will be 100% honest and say I've never really shopped M&Co. I had had a look on the website many times before but never shopped it. After seeing the collections for next season I'm definitely keeping an eye out as there are so many beautiful things from dresses, bags, shoes and in all the prettiest prints. I honestly loved every trend showcased but I instantly had my favourites.

Walking into the building was a dream, beautiful and filled with Christmas already. The room the event took place in was just as beautiful, as well as the food being served! Pastries, fruit and salmon on mini bagels... It was all so yummy! I couldn't resist a couple of nibbles and they were really good! I really want to try the waffle and fruit bites at home now.


The trends were all gorgeous and set out on rails around the room with mannequins dressed in the centre. Each rail had one or two collections and a mood board with the inspirations for each trend. They also left a really interesting hand out with details about all the trends and what's inspires them. It was a great read on the train home. I didn't read it there because I was too busy soaking up all the brights, florals and amazing styles. I'd be all day telling you about the details but I'll let you have a look at them for yourselves...







My photos aren't 100% but they're better than I expected. I really need to learn the ins and outs of my manual camera settings so I can take good pictures. Someone please buy me the book on my christmas/birthday wishlist please?

I am so inspired by the trends for this Spring/Summer and I can't wait to wear them out. My most favourite piece in the collections was a beautiful simple white and black check shift dress with pockets. You can see it in the City Chic trend. I just could think of so many ways to wear it as well as places - with a bright block of colour or clashing it with some florals. There was so much I loved there but I couldn't keep my eye off this dress... That said, I'm slowly falling for most of the other things.
My favourite trends were definitely the City Chic, Sundae Couture and of course the Beautiful Boutqiue collections. Its the brights, the florals, white and just screams out sunshine and warm days out to me. I also loved elements of the Fuji trend - for the casual elements but I was mostly  drawn to the shoes and bags that were part of this trend. I've always had a soft spot of nautical, so Promenade  caught my eye for the girlie nautical day dresses and layering knitwear.
I think I may be placing an chunky M&Co order for a few of these beauts in the new year!

CAT xo
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  1. I was there! I see myself creeping in your second photo in fact! Haha. Hope you enjoyed the event, I've never been to one before but thought it was really organised :) What did you decide to pin your label on? I couldn't decide between those chunky peep toe shoes or some floral patterned trousers; there were some really lovely things :) xx

    Hannah x | hannatalks