Voucher Codes Blogger Swap Shop - #VCSwapShop

Last Monday I was kindly invited to the Voucher Codes Blogger Swap Shop again, and after the last one I was so excited to go again, this time taking the lovely Sarah who blogs at Loved By Sarah with me to enjoy the amazing event!

So if you didn't know, the event run by Voucher Codes is a great opportunity for fashion loving bloggers to take 5 pieces from their wardrobe that they no longer want in return for stamps to spend swapping those items for others from the rails and rails of clothing and accessories other bloggers have bought in to swap! The amount of stamps you get depends on the generic value of the item, whether it's high street or designer, etc. The items get organised by how many stamps they are worth and then you get shopping!
On top of that, there was cocktails to enjoy, glitter lips from the Vanity Van, hair band customising, the most amazing mac & cheese from Anna Mae, balloon creations from the amazing Twistina, a yummy sweets bar and last but not least a instagram booth from the guys at Rife! Anything instagrammed with the hash tag #VCSwapShop was automatically printed there and then... My selfie on the train was the first one out! Hehe.

I was so excited by all the Instagrammed previews of other blogger's items! There was the most beautiful skirt that Paige Calvert had shared and I knew I had to find it. Once I spotted it, I made sure it was mine! Once the swap shop was open everyone went into shopping mode - just like when you're waiting for your favourite shop to open in Oxford Street for the Boxing Day Sale - grab the bargain and don't let it go! *lol @ my face in the next photo*

As a shopper's instinct kicked in, I managed to grab my bargains and picked out the skirt I'd spotted. I'd later on spoke to Paige who blogs at Paige Joanna - whose skirt it was before about it, as she spotted it in my hand and recognised that I'd tweeted her about it! I was clearly obsessed with the thing and was so happy when it fit perfectly! I thanked her for instagramming it and told her how much I loved it, she was super lovely to chat to too.
I'd also spotted a Lashes sequin top with heart cut out on the back and Mink Pink aztec trousers which later on found out they previously belonged to Lucy who blogs at Lulutrixabelle after having a chat with her about the pieces when she noticed I'd had them to hand. Passing by chat consisted of her sassy items and the previous swap shop. She is the loveliest person to talk to, I was very happy to meet her being one of my favourite bloggers down to her amazing sassy style!
On top of that a pretty midi shirt dress in khaki came to hand, as well as a Little Mistress prom style dress (perfect for parties), a metallic blue Gap shopper bag and with stamps left over managed to grab a pair of huge tan wedges I'd eyed up half the night. I was successful and proud with two stuffed bags of swaps!

The night was awesome! I had fun chatting to all the bloggers and even catching up with bloggers met from the time before. I loved seeing Emma from Bloomzy again as well as Sara from Hello The Mushroom and Laura from That's So Yesterday. I also liked meeting Emsy from Emsypickle and Stephanie from Faiiint!

Overall the night was pretty awesome! I felt so much more confident than I did last time and I enjoyed myself so so much! I honestly can't wait for the next one if there is one. I'd like to thank Fleur for inviting me again to the swap shop and everyone at Voucher Codes and the participating brands too for the awesome things at the bottom of our swap shop bags, and for an amazing event filled with the best entertainment!
And thank you to the blogger's whose pieces I managed to nab, because I'm sure you'll spot them on my blog sooner or later! If you attended the swap shop too and blogged about it, share your post with me, as I'd love to see how your night went and what you managed to nab in all the swapping!

ALSO! If you haven't seen, they made a video of the evening and published it on YouTube! You can see it right here if you haven't yet!

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  1. It looks like you had an amazing time - I love the idea of a swap shop, and would definitely love to go to one at some point!

    Milly // Mini Adventures