What Cat Wore: Today's Outfit

T-Shirt -  River Island
Skirt -  Primark
Boots - New Look
Jacket - Primark

This tee is such a blogger thing to buy. Often a caption on Twitter or Instagram, 'Today's Outfit' is a style and fashion blogger caption all over! When I saw this T-Shirt in River Island the other day it was an instant buy... No thought put into it!
In the typical university font and university colours, crew neck and rolled up sleeves - it's got an 'american high school' feel to it. I paired it with a simple jersey skirt from Primark for a girlier look and then matched up the burgundy with my newest and most faithful winter boots of the season. The only thing that annoyed me about this outfit is the silly line you get from a jersey midi skirt when you tuck stuff in... You just can't hide it!
As for my PU Jacket - £10 in Primark. Could NOT believe it! I had to pick it up, and having never owned a PU jacket and missing out on one in my wardrobe it made sense to make it mine and as such a great price! It fits perfect, but the sleeves are a little baggy. I don't mind too much since I quite like it looking over-sized for a rockier look. At least I can easily fit a jumper underneath it too!
I also had to photograph this outfit twice... It was dark when I changed into this outfit and it was only half 4... I loved this tee so much I just had to share it so took the photos again the next morning! It sucks that the days are so much shorter now that it's winter... #bloggerproblems.


  1. Super cool outfit! Fresh and a bit grunge as well.


  2. Love this outfit

    Jegz xo