Favourite Summer Nail Colours

With my holiday to Cyprus and Portugal booked (EEEE!) and ready to go, I'm guaranteed some summer sun! Unfortunately though, here in Britain we're not being so lucky at the moment. And to make those days just a little bit brighter, I paint my nails all the loveliest colours. These are my favourites this season, and what you'll most likely catch me wearing:

First up, I have my newest additions to my collection from the amazing new Maybelline Color Show collection, in Cool Blue, Electric Yellow and Winter Baby (excuse the name), which I bought colour inspired for a pretty floral daisy printed nails! I haven't yet painted this design that's still dancing around in my head, but I think this will be next. The colours are fresh, bright and very much spring colours. I wasn't too impressed with Winter Baby at first, it's a little sheer but I do think it's pretty as a light delicate looking base coat. I also love the other two for the opaque vibrancy!

The next six are of course the all-famous Barry M polishes in Shocking Pink, Mint Green, Pink Sapphire, Prickly Pear, Ridley Road and Kingsland Road. I love Barry Ms for their opaque-ness and vibrant colours. I've rarely been unimpressed by Mr Barry M. I've been using these six the most recently. The glitter for some glam, the pastels for a delicate girly look, and the shocking pink for a pop of vibrancy. These are perfect summer shades, and the textured ones are right on trend too!

Lastly I have two from a set from Christmas in a mushroom colour and a coral colour. I'm yet to use these if I'm honest but they're begging to be used. I love the colours so they will be on my nails very soon for mannequin nails with bright coral accents!
The last three are Topshop Nails in Adrenaline, W7 in Florescent Orange and Models Own in Utopia. I love bright flourecent colours, and this one is beautiful with a pearlescent touch to it, it's beautiful for bright days. Adrenalin is my new favourite glitter with it's tiny little glitter pieces creating a very girly look. Amazing over Utopia for a light and pinky nail look!

What are your favourite colours in your nail collection this season?

CAT xo
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  1. Love those Colour Show colours - especially the yellowy one. I mostly have black nails but when I do wear colour I wear corals and pinks x