WHAT CAT WORE: Nude Lace Skater


Dress - Market
Cardigan - H&M (old)
Piano Shoes - Dorothy Perkins (old)
Colour Sensational Vivids Lipstick in Neon Red - Maybelline, Boots

I wore this outfit two weeks ago, when my lovely mum bought me this beautiful nude with lace detailed skater from the market for just a fiver. And the only thing that stopped me posting this was the state of my hair and face in these photos. I must of been having a bad hair and face day, with my hair might resemble something of a plate of noodles and looking like I may have been slightly ill in the face. Thus, I thought I would share it anyway as I loved this outfit, and I felt like I looked a little "poshed up" as it were. So here it is. Please, ignore the face!
My local market has the best fashion stall and although not that big, it's worth going just for this one. They sell lots and lots of nice dresses, tops and all sorts for a fiver, and if it weren't for the fact that I fail to do anything during the day on a Saturday, and have to look after my two youngest siblings, I may go to the market a little more. But this would also result in more dresses, less money and that wouldn't be great right now, so I guess it's not too bad. An occasional visit though always results in a few dresses, which happened last time. Three to be exact. Oh, markets are good aren't they?

Do you enjoy a good market?
Which ones do you like to go to?