May Favourites

A May Favourites!? Yes! I've finally joined the blogging bandwagon as I've wanted to the past few months, and do my May favourites! I thought as part of my blogging resolution I could start with posts I'd love to write, and never do! But let's cut to the chase with my May faves...

Make-Up Favourites

I've been loving a few beauty products, but my all time favourite of them all is my Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo. I've used it everyday and works well with lots of looks. I've also been using my Maybelline FIT me foundation in Buff Beige more recently than my No7 Stay Perfect Foundation. At first I thought it didn't fit my skin tone, and felt it made me look like I had a overly-fake-tanned face but now it seems to look a lot different to when I first used it, and suits my skin perfectly.
Everyday on top of my foundation I've been powdering on my new favourite, the much raved about Rimmel Stay Matte in Transparent and then over again with a lovely sun-kissed light powder of Soap & Glory Solar Powder. I think for the cold spring, I like this combination I've got going because it's a nice coverage that I'd want like in the winter and I'm adding touches of bronzer for that summery look! A bit of both.
Over that I've been trying out my new Maybelline Mega Plush mascara and though I'm not too fond of that bendy brush, though it's part of what makes the mascara what it is. I love the formula, it being a gel one, it's lightweight and  doesn't flake or become brittle, which I love. If there's a dupe of this without the bendy brush, comment me what one!
Finally on the make-up favourites, I've been using a swap between the Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse and Natural Collection's Lipstick in Crimson for either a subtle neutral look or statement red lips to match my new hair! 

Skin Care Favourites

I've been loving my new day and night creams from Nivea. I've noticed since using this the last month or so, my skin isn't as dry as it used to be and it has got a lot of a nicer feel to it as well as being clearer. I've been using this with my Soap & Glory Face Soap which makes you feel seriously refreshed in the morning, and probably has helped in the clearer skin issue!
I think I also found my holy-grail eye make-up remover from Johnson's face care range. Apply on to a cotton pad and wipe that mascara away quick as a flash! I love this for the fact it works so well, so quickly and feels lovely around your eyes. It's soft and easy to use, it smells good and it works! And nourishes your eyelashes all at the same time. Lovely!

Hair Care Favourites
As for hair-care I've been swapping around my products to care for my new hair colour. I recently dip-dyed my hair with this La Riche Directions hair-dye in Pillarbox Red and excuse the state of the pot but I've used it a couple of times now, it is running out and that red gets everywhere. I think I've got one more use out of it... Then I might opt out and go pink!
With my hair red I try to make my hair last an extra day without washing because of the colour washing out so quick, so I've been using the amazing Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical which smells amazing. Of course, everyone knows Batiste wins with being the best Dry Shampoo and it makes your hair smell so nice! I know I said it twice.
I've been trying to keep my hair lovely and soft on top of all that, as I need to give it a little TLC after the dye-job so I've been attempting to rejuvenate some moisture into my hair with the Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm I won from Umberto Gianni's Twitter comp. Again this smells really nice, and makes your hair feel super-soft in the morning. I've learnt I can only use it every other night, because it can  make your hair feel a little oily and full of product, but it definitely works and feels lovely the next morning!

Nail Favourites 
Not too many nail favourites... I've been trying to handle my weak nail issue by using Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails and although I've only been using it a week now, I'm noticing results so all I have to do it carry on doing what I'm doing and I could have pretty natural nails for once in my life! I've been coating these two colours on top of this this month too. I recently bought the Maybelline Colour Show in Winter Baby only to realise it was too sheer as a replacement white polish for nail art. But I love the colour as it is, and looks lovely for a refreshed cold spring nail look. I want to do a pretty floral print on top next time...
And over that I've been using my first Topshop Nail polish in Adrenalin. I've been loving this just because it's so light, easy to wear and pretty for a pink glitter polish. Not too much and not too little. And it goes so well on top of so many colours!

So that was probably.... maybe.... definitely a really long list of favourites. It is my first one so I've stretched out on all of my favourites. Maybe next time I'll keep it to my ultimate faves. I think if I had one favourite though it would be my Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo because I want to get it in all the colours now... What's your ultimate May Favourite this month? 

CAT xo
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  1. I just bought the Maybelline FIT foundation and it was the same for me, I was an orange at first now it just looks so different! xo

    1. Oh my, really? Wow, I thought it was only me! I love it now :) XO

  2. Replies
    1. You should! It's lovely and I want to get them in other colours! XO