SEVENTEEN - Oh So Spring! Cheek Stamp


So. It's taken me about 2 months and a half to get round to writing a little review about my newest addition to my very small blusher collection. I love blushers, but I don't have many of them.  I was looking for one, and a light baby pink one at that, and there it was at that shopping trip, those months ago on the top of the little display on the Seventeen stand promoting this pretty new blusher.

After the Oh So Spring! Cheek Stamp drew me in with it's Oh So Cute! (see what I did there ;P) packaging, both the boxing and the actual blusher casing, I noticed why it was called a cheek stamp and was pretty much blown away by it's cute-ness, clever-ness and compact size. The blusher pad in the background is placed on the blusher lid, and sits on top of a spring, so you can easily apply it to your cheeks with a little bounce! It screws on to the bottom half of the casing which holds the blusher inside, and every time you screw it in it's re-applied with a nice even layer of blush. The spring is mainly there so you can screw the blusher in with a little pressure and is also handy for when blusher product is low. You'll always be able to use the last of the last.
On application I felt like a cute little doll with little round blush cheeks. After it's applied you blend it out with your fingers for a pretty light shimmery blush. It's beautiful for summery days, as the shimmer looks so much prettier in the light. I feel like it fades away after a few hours, but I think that's just from general face touching throughout the day (not to sound weird though, lolz). I thought it would be a bit more pigmented in colour too, but I like that it's just a nice light pinky shimmer. And my picture definitely doesn't do it any justice, because it's much prettier off camera.
I think it's perfect for when you need to take a blush out and about and you don't want to take a whole blush kit, as it's all there for you. (Including a little mirror at the top!) I love this and the colour is so pretty! I wish I got it in Coral too at the time but I may have to get it on-line. A perfect lightweight summer product, perfect for holidays!

My new favourite summer blusher for sho'!
What's yours!?

CAT xo
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  1. ooh this look lovely! never tried anything like it before x

    1. Thanks :) It was something new and different for me too! XO