Review: L'Oreal Playball Density Material

Quite a while ago I was given this L'Oreal Playball Density Material sample from the most recently opened hairdressers in my local area and recently when sorting things out, I found it and decided to finally try it. 

Playball Density Material is a wax-paste that is made to give you a volumised and textured look. It is great for the illusion of 'perfect' messy-hair.

I personally don't like the messy hair look and as a wax-paste, this product's properties include a strong and textured hold and the ability to tame your hair to the look you want.

I always prefer tamed curls to my unruly ones, that look like they're going in every direction possible, so this is perfect for holding those curls and taming my bed hair and frizz.

It's really easy to use and really works well on my hair but I have only tried it a couple of times. I think I haven't yet used it enough to say whether I'd buy a full-sized pot, but I am currently impressed by it! I think after a couple more tries I think I'd come to more of a conclusion.

Maybe this product is best for shorter hairstyles?

Have you tried any of the Playball products?

Update & Disclaimer: Since writing this review, I have gone cruelty-free and so no longer purchase products from L'Oreal.


  1. hiya

    im really interested to buy this product, basically its a toss up between this and tigi hard to get

    have you tried tigi hard to get , if so what are the differences ?

    for me im looking for a non shine matt finished but very important for it to be easy to wash out .. the density material, when u apply it on your hands to put in your hair, afterwards, is it easy or difficult to wash out ?

    so yeah, any comparisons with hard to get would be great If uve tied it, in terms of smell, hold, shine, and how easy to wash out

    thanx :)

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