Review | Max Factor Face Finity Foundation

The other day, I finally ran out of my summer foundation and needed to get a new one for the winter. 

In the summer I like a light coverage so that I'm still able to soak up the sun around the summer season. I was previously using MUA's matte foundation, and it was the perfect colour, with a light coverage which is what I needed until now.

Now it's coming to the winter season, I was looking for a high coverage foundation that would make me feel flawless every day. I wanted to invest on a new foundation and though I don't know much about foundation I thought I should try this new 3 in 1 foundation from Max Factor.

Hand holding a foundation bottle.Foundation swatch on the back of a hand
Person wearing foundation
Person wearing foundation
Max Factor Face Finity - £11.99 @ Boots

The foundation is: Max Factor, Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation.

It has a primer, concealer and foundation all in one and since I basically ran out of all those things, this seemed perfect.

I bought beige which looked right when I tested the colour to my skin, but when I used it the next morning I realised that it was a little too light from my olive skin and maybe should have got the bronze or golden shade instead.

I still love the colour and it covers better than any other foundation I've owed, but I might have to re-buy my MUA one just to mix it in when applying to correct the colour.

The coverage is great for me, as it does all the things I wish in a foundation. I found myself with an even and matte skin tone but blemishes weren't as well hidden as I would like.

I'm glad I bought this foundation and although I would still use a concealer with it and may have bought a shade lighter than my skin tone, I still enjoy it.

Have you tried this foundation yet, or would you? Let me know your thoughts!

Update & Disclaimer: Since writing this review, I have gone cruelty-free and so no longer use Max Factor's products.


  1. I tried this foundation too and I really liked it! It helped cover my face without smothering it, and the make up stayed put all day despite my oily skin :) I gave it 5 stars out of 5!

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    1. After using it a little longer, I've decided the same thing! I really love it and I think the coverage is perfect!
      Thanks for commenting, and sharing XO