Ombre Inspirations

I have always loved ombre hair and I've wanted to ombre my own hair since the trend boomed through the blogger community. But with my hair being so dark, I always wondered how it would look and if I could make it look even half as good as some of you cool cats. But with the new at home ombre kit by L'Oreal Paris, I've actually decided that I have to eventually - before the end of the year do my hair.
Here are a few pics that are inspiring me to create the look!

Maybe even after, I could do a little pink ombre!


  1. Oh my god I love the pink and purple one! Wish I could do that but my job wont allow it. I ombred my hair about this time last year and I absolutely love it! Still going strong, it hasn't died down at all! xxx

  2. I love ombre! I have a sort of ombre going on from growing out my blonde hair but I'd love to do it properly from dark brown x

  3. Do it! I love ombre hair so much. :- )

    The pink and purple one is amaaazing : o

    Xx. Emma @

  4. The last one is actually perfection! I love it! x