Hearts In A Locket

Recently I was a little bit clumsy and managed to snap the chain on the super-special locket I got from my boyfriend last Christmas. I've not even had it a year, but it's back around my neck again, and luckily he got insurance on it just in case something like this did happen. (It's like he knew...)

I love my necklace but I didn't realise how much I would miss it until it wasn't around my neck every single day like before.

I really couldn't stand not having it and I felt pure guilt just by wearing other necklaces.

It made me realise how super-special and sentimental it is to me. I really did miss it! Because I missed it so much I did finally put a little picture in it because I'd left it empty for so long.

Unfortunately, my printer wasn't being nice so the colour was off a little. Nevertheless, here it is:

Have you got something super-special and sentimental possession you don't know what you'd do without?


  1. I have a locket from my Dad that I only wear on special occasions <3 and of course, my engagement ring - they're both super special to me x

  2. Awww, it's such a sweet necklace! I have lots of sentimental pieces, I'd be distraught if they were ever damaged/got lost.

    The Style Rawr!