Papergang Unboxing | February 2021

I cannot tell you how excited I was about February's Papergang after seeing the cover of the box online. I'm a huge fan of pastel colours like pink, lilac and that light mint/sage green and this box is just my aesthetic! The photography on the box cover is just stunning and if the colour scheme is this good and the photography is this beautiful, surely what's inside would be equally as amazing, right?

What's In February's Papergang Box?

A close up of the Papergang box packaging

The photography featured in this month's box was photographed by Maddy Gale who is one of Papergang's in-house Content Developers. She designed this box so that us Papergangsters could have a nice reminder that spring is around the corner which, I think, is really lovely. I really love the origami leaves and the dried flowers that are so on trend right now but in spring colours. It really makes me want to get some to decorate around the house!

The Papergang box contents in the box

When I first opened the box, everything inside the box was just the most beautiful shades of purple along with that gorgeous photography we saw on the outside of the box. The packaging is so pretty and I can already tell you that the contents of box is too. So, what did we get this month?

Flatlay of the contents of the Papergang box


Close up of golden scissors with transparent handles
Gold scissors with transparent handles on a notepad

Scissors. Wow. We got scissors! Oh my goodness, the last time I got scissors in a Papergang box was the very first box I got in September 2019 which I use all the time but I'm so glad to see them include them in a box yet again. Not only are they so different from the last pair of scissors seen in a Papergang box but the gold colour with the transparent handles are so classy and elegant. If you've only signed up to Papergang in the last year then this will be the first time you've received scissors and what a great pair too. I've already tried them and they were great.


Gold ruler on a lilac wrapping paper
Closeup of a gold ruler

The next item in the box was a ruler! I feel like it's pretty rare to get multiple pieces of stationery that can go in a permanent stationery collection like this in a Papergang box but I absolutely love it when we do!

Again, we have received a ruler in the past but the last one was a wooden one. I also use that one all the time but it's always nice to have more than one in case you misplace things a lot like I do.

This ruler is a 20cm brass ruler in a gold colour which I think just trumps all rulers I own  simply because it'll be the fanciest one of them all. Not only is it slightly longer than your standard 15cm ruler, but as a metal ruler, it's going to hold it's shape and be a lot more difficult to break.

Ballpoint Pen

A pink and gold ballpoint pen next to gold scissors on a notepad.
Gold and pink ballpoint pen laying on a notebook

The next item we received in this month's box is this super-cute mechanical ballpoint pen. I'm a sucker for pens and especially blank ink ballpoint pens like this one. I used to treat myself to the printed mechanical pens from Paperchase every time one ran out just so that I'd always have a really nice pen because I love pens like this so much. What I love most about this one though is the chunky design. I love the standard pen but I always feel a chunkier pen barrel is more comfortable to hold.

Out of curiosity, what are your preferences on pen colour? Do you go for blue ink or black ink?

Just a thought... A gold ruler, scissors AND a fancy gold and pink pen? I think Papergang are building us a gold stationery set after the gold sharpener from last month's box. What's next, gold stapler and hole punch? (omg, please.) 

A5 Notepad & Gift Wrap

Thick notepad with lines
Close up of the lined notepad

Next in the box was this gorgeous notepad with Maddy Gale's fab photography bordering the lined page in the centre. The pad includes 85 pages and the stunning design has been printed on sustainably sourced paper. I love pads like this because I use them all the time at home and at work. They've always been so useful and I love getting them in the Papergang boxes even if it's back-to-back ones!

Last but not least, we have the photography from the box printed on gift wrap. It's such a beautiful design that shouts spring and would be perfect to celebrate a spring birthday or Mother's Day even which is just around the corner.

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Pinterest Graphic - Papergang Unboxing February 2021

Overall, I think it's pretty clear that I love this box and everything about it. And I know say this about soooo many boxes but I genuinely think this box may have trumped it's way to my number one favourite box. I think what makes this so special and such a strong box for me is the amount of new things included this month as well as the colour scheme and the design. I love how Papergang keep their subscription boxes so fresh and try to keep similar products far apart from each other in boxes. The theme and aesthetic is so up my street and I love that I have so many pieces to add to my permanent stationery collection from one box. I'm actually thinking about redesigning my desktop to match my new stationery. 

What are your thoughts on this month's box? Do you love it or is it not your style? I'd love to know!

If you love this box and want to sign up to Papergang yourself, you can join using my referral link right here

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  1. I think I need to look into getting these boxes, they’re sooo cute!! I love the colours, you definitely can’t have enough stationary!

    Courtney x