Papergang Unboxing | January 2021

Today we're going to be unboxing the first Papergang box of 2021! I'm so excited for another year of Papergang boxes and some new stationery additions to my collection. With a new year and new stationery, it's a great opportunity to have a spring clean of my stationery collection. So what was in January's box? Let's see...

Papergang box packaging with animals and plants

What's in January 2021's Box?

Overview of the contents of the Papergang box
January's box was designed by Lenja Lorkowski who took inspiraton from plants and animals for this box. There's a clear theme with this box with both the design and the colours and I think it's a beautiful theme. We've got quite a few things in this month's box, so let's take a closer look at it all.

A5 Linen Daily Planner

An A5 linen planner with animals and plants on the frontClose up of the cover of a planner with animals and plants on the front

I love Papergang's notebooks because they're always such great quality with lots of pages and this one is no exception. The front cover is beautifully covered in all of Lenja's illustrations on a neutral background. I love that Papergang have a thing for foiling the words on their notebooks too. It's something I've noticed in a few of their products.

Inside cover of a planner
Planner opened up to a double page spread

Inside the notebook, there is a great double-page spread for each day you want to plan including a to-do list, key tasks list, timetable, section for notes and doodles. Papergang have made a planner like this before but in April 2020. It was also a linen planner which I used quite a bit actually.

I really enjoy the hour slots on the timetable, check boxes and I'm a sucker for doodling so I've always used the doodle space. I find these useful so I'm glad to have a new one to use.

A5 Art Print

Hand holding a floral print with a quote

Yes! Thank you for backing this with card Papergang to preserve the print's integrity! I'm so happy that Papergang have decided to back their prints with card because a couple of times, I've lost prints to damage in the post. I also think it looks super professional too and I hope this is something they continue to do.

Now, I have a beautiful print that I can proudly frame and put on my wall. This one is so pretty and I think would look so lovely in my office. I love the foiling and the quote and though this is a very simple print, it works really well to still be a statement print too.

3 x Pencils

Three pencils with quotes saying be kind, be brave and be positive.

I love it when Papergang include things like pens and pencils and I'm glad to see a set of pencils in this month's box. Last month's pencil wasn't the best because it broke on me a few times but I like these a lot already. I hope they don't break when I finally get around to sharpening them.

The quotes on the pencils are really sweet and is a great reminder for us all, especially at times like these where we might forget to be kind, brave and positive at times. It's a really lovely touch and such fitting simple quotes at a time like this.

Gold Pencil Sharpener

Close up of a golden two hole metal sharpener

This is probably the fanciest pencil sharpener I've ever owned. I love me a novelty sharpener but the fact that this one is gold makes me love it more than the regular silver ones. I'm yet to try this sharpener but as long as it does what it's supposed to do, I'll be happy.

I think I want to collect a bunch of gold stationery now. (And with next month's additions, I'll definitely have a growing collection of gold stationery!)

Die Cut Apple Sticky Notes

Hand holding die cut sticky notes in the shape of an apple

I don't think I can tell you how excited I get to get new sticky notes in my Papergang boxes. I use them ALL THE TIME. At work, I use them to give myself reminders and send notes to other teachers ( -the kids love sending my notes on my fun sticky notes and paper pads).

I think this is so fitting for work (apples and teachers you know, lol) and I can't wait to use these. Papergang sticky notes are always so good so I'll gladly take these in to use at work!

Flatlay of the contents of the Papergang box

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This box is a great start to 2021 and I love the artist's work. Her colours really compliment each other and I love the texture in each illustration too.

This is a really strong box to start off the year and include some really lovely things. I like that Papergang always mix things up so that you don't get the same things every month. The last time we got a planner like this was almost a year ago and things like sticky notes and pencils can run out quick so seeing them more frequently makes me happy. I also love the addition of things like sharpeners and such because it makes a box feel a little more special. Knowing you can keep these things and use them over and over for a while is nice. I like to use the wooden ruler from February 2020's box all the time as well as the scissors from my very first box in September 2019. And I also am currently using the notebook from November 2020's box everyday as my happiness journal.

I can imagine Papergang have some amazing things planned for the rest of the year and I can't wait to see what's next. Have you signed up to Papergang yet? If not and you would like to sign up, please use my link here so that I can have the chance to get a free box one month!

What's been your favourite thing inside this month's box?

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  1. OMG the planner is just too cute!!

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