We Moved in 2020!

 It's about blooming time I wrote this post right!? Well, here we go. I moved! In August 2020.

Yep, that's right. If you follow me on Instagram, this is extremely old news but I did move into my new home in August of last year. After an almost year-long struggle to buy the place and sell ours, we have finally moved to our new home which we absolutely love and is closer to family.

The moving story is a long one, so grab a cup of tea and enjoy. I'll try and summarise as best as I can but there's a lot of detail about why and how it took so long to get us here today.

A grey door with four windows and the number 53.

Deciding To Move

Back in March 2019, after only living in our first home for nine months, we decided to put our first home up for sale. When we bought our first home, we made some mistakes and didn't look into some of the things that became really important to us when thinking about where we lived. Parking was a massive problem as it was physically impossible to park in front of the house and the road was always so full that you were lucky to get a space anywhere near the path to the house. The distance from John's work and our parent's homes was unbearable. At the time, we needed to be close to home and John was dealing with a hour and a half commute one way. It was something that we couldn't live with any longer. With a heavy heart, we put the place up for sale.

Fast forward to the end of September 2019, we finally sold the house after 6 months on the market. Every reason we wanted to move was every reason someone was giving us for not wanting to buy the place. We kept hearing "beautiful house but the parking and the lack of garage or driveway is a deal-breaker". The buyers of our place wanted to move in fast and by that tie we found our next home. This home.

A kettle, two mugs of tea and a plate of classic sprinkled jam sponge cake cut into squares.

What Happened Whilst We Were Buying and Selling

The buyers wanted to move at the end of December2019/January 2020 and everything was going according to plan except for one tiny problem with our new property. A little error in the title plan needed correcting and our seller needed to contact the council to fix this. The house was empty as it was the seller's old family home and so he'd fixed it up to sell, ready to go. We thought it would probably be January before we moved so we patiently waited. And waited. And waited.

It was now February 2020. We were still waiting and our buyer suddenly pulled out of the sale. She said that she didn't mind the wait but she'd been offered an amazing job on the other side of London and was going to move there instead. It worked out better for her but we were heartbroken. The house went back on the market... and sold again in 4 days.

We couldn't believe our luck, from taking 6 months to sell the first time to selling again in 4 days was a miracle. We were still waiting for this error to be corrected at this time and luckily for us, our new buyers needed some time anyway but were keen so they were happy to wait with us too. The waiting for this one tiny little error to be corrected continued...

It was now June 2020 and everyone was ready to move. We were beginning to panic because we were in the dark about what was happening with the title plan error. Everyone involved in the purchase of our home threw the biggest hissy-fit about the fact that we found out this paperwork hadn't been completed yet! It wasn't something that was supposed to take very long either, especially as it had been expedited. Our seller and the solicitors did everything they could to finally get this paperwork complete and one day in August, we were blessed with the phone call we'd waited 10 months to hear. "When would you like to move?" 

Two plants sitting on a window sill between a sofa and a curtain.

Number 64 was an amazing house but a lot happened whilst we lived there that didn't go in our favour. Apart from getting Cracker, our hamster, it didn't hold as many happy memories as we wished. It put a strain on us as individuals and as a couple but also made us stronger for that reason. It was a mistake worth making in the long run because we learnt so much from it.

Moving to Number 53

On the 17th August 2020, we moved into Number 53 and had the chance to start fresh. Since then, we have settled right into our new home and so much has happened. Though we've only been here six months, we are so unbelievably happy. Six months into living at Number 64 and we were talking about selling the place! This house has already become our home and I can't wait to show you what it's like.

So that's our moving story. If you've got this far, thank you so much for reading our story. It was a rollercoaster ride that we're glad to be off. Now, we get to sit in our lovely new home appreciating where we are and focusing on the future.

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