Some Goals for 2021

I know it's February tomorrow but better late than never... right?

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When it comes to my goals for 2020, I can easily say that I didn't achieve anything I hoped. 2020 wasn't what anyone expected and I think we can all accept that it's okay if our goals went out the window last year. For me, 2020 ended up being about looking after my mental health, staying safe and positive. I'm sure that was the same for many of us and though the same problems we faced in 2020 are still here in 2021, I think it's okay to set some new goals that are more realistic considering the year we're all facing.

So what am I setting myself for 2021? What is it that I want to achieve this year? 

These are my goals for 2021:

Eat healthier, snack less, get that happy body!

I worry about my relationship with food on a daily basis. I love my sweet treats and hot drinks. I love a McDonald's or our favourite local takeaways but I have all these things way too often. I snack on the daily and I know that I eat when I'm bored. I am fully aware that I don't make the best choices when it comes to food but I need to finally do something about it.

I recently found some photos of my 6 years ago, wearing the cutest outfits on holiday and totally feeling myself. I remember how confident I felt back then and I don't feel like that now. I need to, I want to feel like that again! My goal this year is to essentially improve my relationship with food which in turn will help me reach my body goals. 

Now, I could learn to embrace the way I look now and accept it, but I know deep down I'm not happy with it. And you need to be happy in your own skin. With a better relationship with food, exercise and a lifestyle change, I know I'll be reaching my body goals in no time.

Look after my skin

I've always loved looking after my skin, having pamper evenings and buying all the products I need but I'm awful at keeping it consistent!

This year, I want to aim for a consistent skincare routine. Both body and face! I've done a good job of keeping to this one so far, but we're only just over two weeks in and we've got fifty more to go!

Keep a positivity journal

So far, I've been doing a really good job with this one and I'm still really excited about it. This year, I decided that it would be good for me to keep a positivity journal where I jot down all the good things that happen each day. It might be about things as big as what I've achieved that day or as small as how much I enjoyed that cup of tea at lunch.

There's no space for negativity in my journal and I write in it every evening. It helps me to see that no matter how rubbish or bland the day might feel, good and moments of happiness can be found in every day.

Writing in it just before I go to bed has also done wonders for my sleep. I go to sleep with positive thoughts in my mind and a positive mindset about the next day. I couldn't recommend keeping a positivity journal enough.

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Be consistent - and happier with blogging

You'll see that consistency is going to be a theme for my goals this year, but being consistent with the blog is something I'm also aiming for in 2021. With the lockdowns, moving home and everything else in between, I was in and out of my blogging mojo all year. This year, I have a plan to action and realistic expectations for myself.

If you read my blog post about blogging like its 2010, then you'll know, I aim to approach my blogging the same way I did back when I started and remind myself to enjoy creating my content and care more about that rather than all the behind-the-scenes admin like SEO, keyword searches. I want to feel excited about blogging again and I have so many ideas for content that I want to create and share. 

I'm not denying the importance of the admin behind a blog post but I worried so much about it and driving traffic to my blog that it stopped being fun. I want blogging to be fun again and I'm excited to see what 2021 brings my newly named blog.

Learn how to divide my time between my passions properly

Since starting my small business and learning that time to myself to enjoy my other favourite things to do, I've struggled to divide my time properly. I'm one of these people who have too many hobbies (and an attention seeking bunny). I love playing games, having pamper evenings, reading and crafting on top of blogging and running my business. With a passion for all these things, I often find myself getting annoyed at the end of the week if I haven't spent any time on one of them.

Essentially, I need to either organise myself a timetable for my hobbies or keep tabs on what I've spent my time on throughout the week to help me find a balance. I want time for blogging and my business but I need that time to binge play Animal Crossing and sit in a bath with a magazine relaxing for an hour.

Grow my Instagram with consistency and engagement

Alongside my blog goals, I have goals for my Instagram too. I've always loved the idea of having a growing Instagram audience but I know that comes with consistency and engagement. This year, I want to finally concentrate on building my audience for potential future opportunities and my blog. Over the last few weeks, I haven't been posting but I've been putting together a plan of content I want to provide on my Instagram and also on TikTok too so that I can transfer it over to reels. 

I'm really keen to give it a good go this year. I know it's sometimes down to luck and timing on Instagram but I really think I can give it a good go this year!

Reach 1000 sales on Cece Designs UK

This is quite a big goal for me this year and one that I'll be probably putting my most effort into this year. Last year, I started Cece Designs UK, my small business selling scrunchies and pouches. I really enjoyed starting up my small business and watching it grow particularly through TikTok. I've had a couple of videos go viral (by my standards!) and I'd like to think I've established myself as a small Etsy seller. Everything in my shop is handmade by me and I plan to expand it into soft furnishings and homeware as well as my classic scrunchies and pouches.

Starting Cece Designs was one of the best things I did last year and currently I'm sitting on 199 sales. By the end of this year, I want to reach 1000 sales and make myself known as a small business. I know it's a big target but I truly think I can do it. I'm so motivated to succeed this year and I want to watch my small business to grow and grow. Time and effort is all it takes.

Though I have a lot of goals this year, I feel like I have set them with the current global pandemic in mind. None of my goals surround travel or leaving the house at all really. They are all things I can achieve from home and things that I feel are achievable right now. And with all the time I have at the moment and the motivation I'm experiencing, I have a good feeling this year will be all about achieving my goals.

I'd love to know if we share any goals and what yours are. What's that one thing you really want to achieve this year? I think if I had to choose one, it'd be my first one - to eat healthier, snack less and get that happy body!

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