Papergang Unboxing | September 2020

It's now October and I've only just found the time to finally post about September's Papergang box which*spoiler alert*, I think is a really good one! Last month, I spent a lot of time getting used to being back at work properly and settled into the house and I'm only now getting back some of my evening time to spend on the blog. Nevertheless, we're here now and I'm going to be showing you what I got inside September's space-themed Papergang box! Let's dive in...
 Papergang subscription box packaging - September 2020

Inside September's Papergang Box

Contents of the Papergang Box - September 2020

The September box was designed by Jack Carter who has previously designed a couple of Papergang boxes but I don't think I've received either of them before. The box was designed to celebrate Neil Armstrong's birthday but due to having to push the boxes back due to the pandemic, we received it a month late. I love all things space so I was very excited to see what we'd be getting inside this month's box.

Sticker Sheets & Blank Calendar Card

Pink blank calendar card and space themed sticker sheets
Space themed sticker sheets with planets, astronauts and aliens

First of all, we got our usual calendar card which is this lovely pink with a star print on the background. I love the colours and will soon be using my collection of calendar cards to make a desk calendar for 2021.

We also received this pack of space stickers which I think are really cool. I love the illustrations and I think they'd be great in a bullet journal (if I ever start one back up again), notebook or diary. The Ohh Deer stickers are always such great quality so its always great when they send these sticker sheets. They're one of my favourite things to receive in these boxes.

Space Themed Greeting Cards

Space themed greeting cards

Next up, we have these two adorable greeting cards which are always appreciated! I always have a stack of cards just in case a special occasion comes up and I haven't got one. The birthday card has embossed planets which I think is really lovely and makes it pop a little more and the second card will be perfect for Valentine's Day or the birthday of a loved one! I'm certain that I'll be using both of these in the next few months.

Spaceman Enamel Pin

Astronaut black and gold enamel pin

We love getting a pin! This pin is so lovely. First of all it's such a perfect fit for the theme of the box and a great size too. It's not showing up the best in the photos but the lines and stars are a beautiful gold colour and it's a great size for a pin too. I think I'm going to make a pin banner soon so that I can put all my favourite pins in one place rather than worrying about losing them off of my denim jacket when I wear it.

Neon Printed Gift Wrap

Space themed planets and aliens wrapping paper

Wrapping paper isn't common in Papergang boxes so it's always nice to get it, especially when the designs are as beautiful as this. I love that this has been printed on recycled paper too because I'm really conscious of my wrapping paper consumption especially at this time of year. I think this paper can be recycled again which is nice but it's fantastic quality anyway and I'm looking forward to using it to wrap birthday presents.

Hardback Clothbound A5 Notebook

Space themed galaxy notebook with the words 'deep thoughts' on the cover.
Inside of the notebook planner
Squared paper notebook journal

Last but definitely not least, we have this notebook which I think is really lovely. It's definitely different from some of the other notebooks we have received over the last year with squared paper inside and a hardback cloth cover. My plan is to keep this on my bedside table for late-night thoughts, dreams, ideas... all that you know? I sometimes have my best ideas just before I fall asleep!

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Pinterest Graphic - Papergang Box September 2020Pinterest Graphic - Papergang Box September 2020

September's box has been a really lovely one and I love getting boxes like this where there is a genuine use for everything inside. Having been a little disappointed by August's box, I really wanted a good box for September and it didn't disappoint! October's box has some "boho-witch" vibes which I'm really looking forward to seeing so keep an eye out for that post very soon.

Haven't signed up to Papergang yourself? You can use my referral link here to sign up! By signing up using my code you help show Papergang where you came from and I might also receive a free box every once in a while! Will you be signing up soon?

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